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Four environmental factors affecting industrial connectors
Jun 19, 2018

In the traditional industry, industrial connectors are often used. If the connector is placed in a harsh and humid environment, it will be corroded with long-term changes, and it will lead to more serious problems, affecting the connection. Connector output. In severe cases, the connection pins in the industrial connector socket may even be completely rotted, and immersion of other objects and splashing of liquid may not be acceptable. This article focuses on the four environmental factors affecting industrial connectors.


The first point: vibration

When placed in an extremely vibrating environment, the standard connector reacts. After a period of time, the connection between the plug and the socket will gradually wear out, and the pins will sag at the connection point, reducing reliability. Moreover, after such wear, if exposed to the steam environment, it will further cause corrosion.

The second point: electromagnetic interference

Severe sources of electromagnetic interference usually have production facilities, power channels, etc., which are close to several channels. Machines and electrical pathways generate electric fields and can couple into the number of channels to cause noise and destroy the integrity of the signal.

The third point: extreme temperature

Today's connectors are generally able to tolerate a temperature difference of -10--60 degrees, and there is no problem for most office and general industrial environments. However, if placed in extremely harsh temperature environments, over-range temperatures can lead to errors and reliability problems.

The fourth point: corrosive materials

Industrial environments often encounter corrosive gases and liquids. Like oil, gas, and chemicals can erode outside connectors, metal pins for plugs and sockets, and cable jackets.

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