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LED display and LED printing screen how to choose?
Dec 16, 2016

When you compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two products to consider, first of all, our greatest concern product cost, followed by quality and effectiveness, and finally, the ease of maintenance. LED display to enter market in China has a history of more than 10 years, after so many years of test of quality is already quite stable, the effect can be seen in the market. Almost monochromatic effect, full color is different, color a lot. After-sale maintenance is relatively easy.

LED surface inkjet printing in LED display screen is a custom design, from large LED screens in order to make the general point, dot pitch is larger so the brightness is not high, and belongs to a kind of LED display screen. General printing screen is also called Sun and kanban, static spraying painting surface appears by day, LED lights are not lit, but due to the viewing distance, lights from the thin, will not affect vision, until distribution above the LED lights in the evening light, dynamic LED image is only displayed! it is generally suitable for large areas, remote LED display selection of watch!