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On terminals copper black rust causes
Dec 16, 2016

Electrical connection of terminals as products, usually made up of metal and plastic. Terminal hardware is different from different lines, such as green-pluggable terminal block hardware including line box and screw and spring-type Terminal hardware there are conductive and shrapnel, socket metal parts mainly for the leg. Terminal blocks are small, but each part plays an irreplaceable role. A conductive part conductive part and line box is particularly important.

Some buyers to talk on other manufacturers to buy cheaper terminals copper black rust, these factors can be divided into internal and external factors. For terminals, within reason that is, cause the Terminal itself, namely terminals copper parts quality problems. Terminal conductor parts from the material currently on the market are copper, iron, zinc alloy and other metals commonly used. Material difference determines their performance: the first is copper, copper in General is aging slowly and often in the processing of metal coating. If copper blackening it is oxidation, oxidation reflected conclusions that can be drawn is the product in the processing process of electroplating and protect link not ready, followed by iron, iron is the most prone to rust, particularly in wet environments, if found in the patina of Brown matter, stating that the iron impurities in copper, not the finest copper, certainly not high quality Terminal. Zinc alloys in terms of current to be not suitable for conductive body material, let alone Terminal.