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Six kinds of installation of the LED display industry common:
Dec 16, 2016

common LED display installations are there? Common installation list 1, mosaic installation: indoors, suitable for smaller Interior screen. Because of the smaller installation space, in order not to take up space, according to the screen size, dug in the wall area of the same size, embedded in the wall LED display. Requires wall as a solid wall. Before using maintenance mode, cost is very high.  Outdoor installation, mounted structure suitable for buildings has been included at the planning and design of the display item, reserved in advance civil engineering construction the installation space of the display, the actual installation, only making the display screens embedded in the wall construction of steel structures, adequate maintenance room back. Installation, 2, column: more for the installation of outdoor LED electronic displays, vision, surrounding open space, such as squares, car parks and so on. According to the size of the screen area can be divided into single column and double column installation. Mast-mount is suitable for field installation of LED display screen, outdoor screen mounted on the column.  Column addition to make screen steel, also made of concrete or steel columns, our main consideration is based on geological conditions. 3, roof-mount: mainly suitable for outdoor LED electronic displays, installation location roof of the main building, with the increase in building heights to consider wind level has to be increased.