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Solve black screen LED display fault five elements
Dec 16, 2016

1, please be sure to include all hardware, control systems are all on the right. (Note: +5V, don't reverse, a wrong)

2, check and confirm the serial cable is used to connect controllers are loose or have fallen off. (LED display manufacturer recommends: If black in the loading process, probably because it is the cause, that is interrupted by a communications cable is loose in the communication process, hence the screen black. Never think that the display did not move, the line cannot be loosened, please do check, which is important to you want to solve the problem quickly. )

3, check and make sure your connections LED display and main HUB module connected to the control card is connected, whether to invert.

4, Ling letter, please check and confirm the connection control cards and distribution HUB between 50-pin cable is loose or invert.

5, if you have a display interface definition and the HUB plate does not match the provided blank screen phenomenon can also occur, please recheck your jumper is loose, open circuit or short circuit. If you think you have ABCD signaling, such as one by one, please check the OE signal is connected correctly. (LED display manufacturer strongly recommends using the display interface definition that matches the HUB module)