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The importance of the quality of each Terminal
Dec 16, 2016

Terminal insulation and electrical conductivity of the material determines the Terminal performance. Each terminal are what determine the success of the project, any Terminal failure will cause the entire project to fail.

Painful lessons at home and abroad is very impressive in this regard. Plastic insulation information terminals and conductive components directly related to the quality of terminals. Failure analysis failure prevention is more important to guarantee its quality and reliability even more practical significance. Prevention is the goal, is the basis of the analysis. In a sense, should reach the touch function is part of the pass where required pass, from the perspective of use. Reliable contacts. Insulating parts should not be conducted where required insulation reliability. Products related to electrical and signal connection terminal, flame retardant plastic parts is very important, and regular is selected V0 fire-retardant materials in our products are Germany imports, also has a basic guarantee on product performance.

Any time you want to keep good contact, well insulated and fixed well, only this "Miyoshi", will be able to guarantee its safe and reliable, works could be carried out smoothly.

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