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What is the difference between USB3.0 and USB2.0
Jun 26, 2018


Computers with USB 3.0 interfaces have been out for many years, but USB 3.0 devices, such as U-disks, have not yet become popular because the USB 3.0 devices are more expensive. Fortunately, the USB 3.0 interface is backwards compatible, which means that if your computer is a USB 3.0 computer, you can still use a USB 2.0 USB drive, but only USB 2.0. Speed transfer file data;

What is the main difference between USB2.0 and USB3.0? In fact, it is very simple, the difference that can be perceived is two aspects, one is the price, the other is the transmission speed; the price is not much talk, because different equipment, the price difference is not the same. Mainly talk about transmission speed;

The theoretical maximum transmission data of USB2.0 is 480M per second, and the theoretical maximum speed of USB3.0 is as high as 5G per second. Therefore, in theory, the maximum transmission speed of USB3.0 is more than 10 times that of USB2.0. Of course, this is only the theoretical speed of the USB interface, but this speed is limited by other factors, such as your U disk, although the USB3.0 is configured, the maximum writing and reading speed of the storage medium inside the U disk is far Can not reach 5G per second, so sometimes the role of USB3.0 has not been maximized;

How should we distinguish USB2.0 and USB3.0? Look at the picture below, USB3.0 is usually blue, USB2.0 is usually black, usually, each computer will have both USB2.0 and USB3.0