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A Small IC Socket Set Off 20 Billion US Dollars Business Opportunities
Jun 14, 2017

A small IC Socket set off 20 billion US dollars business opportunities

 You know, you every day at home, with a washing machine, hair dryer, air conditioning or TV, will use the power IC Socket, has become a battleground?

    Because, in the "smart grid" (SmartGrid) after the birth of these output power IC Socket, the future can access the Internet, control electrical appliances, and even home solar panels generated by electricity, back to the power company; small IC Socket , Transformed into the world's hottest science and technology topics.

    Smart grid is a change in power transmission technology. The existing power supply system can not distinguish the size of the terminal power consumption, often causing waste, the smart grid in the power supply, according to the actual amount of different periods, adjust the distribution, and thus energy-saving effect. This year's "Time" magazine will be smart grid-related products named one of the top ten inventions; smart grid-related concept stocks, is the highest in the US stock market this year, the highest stocks; US President Obama campaign on the smart grid commitment To be honored this year.

    As the national IC Socket have built smart grid system, update equipment, bring huge business opportunities. According to Morgan Stanley, the global smart grid market in 2010 will reach $ 20 billion (about NT $ 647.5 billion).

    Taiwan's "policy meeting" is expected, by 2012, Taiwan smart grid derived from the business opportunities, will reach NT $ 60 billion. The end of this year, Taiwan Electric Power Company will purchase the first batch of smart meters, Taiwan's smart grid prototype, took the first step.

    IC Socket Taipower first purchase meter meter reading staff will go into history

    The future, when the IC Socket power system all replaced by smart grid, your electricity bill, will be more than several information. You will see a "electricity curve" to tell you the day, every hour of the electricity situation; power companies will use the "time price" of the charges, in other words, you use the rush hour, Will be more expensive than the electricity used at peak times. In order to reduce the cost of electricity, perhaps you will try to choose every day in the popular electricity time, only the use of high energy consumption of electrical appliances.

    As for the meter, you will never see him again, because the smart grid, has all the current into a "flow of information", all users of the electricity situation, through the smart grid directly transmitted back to the power company, no longer Need someone to take a pen and paper from house to house to copy.

    For the power company, because the IC Socket can clearly grasp the electricity needs of each time the electricity, to more effectively configure the power transmission system. "With the smart grid and the time price, users can" move the load ", so that the peak and off the peak of the electricity becomes less noticeable, and the cost of generating electricity will drop." When generating electricity, Cost down, electricity prices will follow the down, directly benefit, or every month to pay the user fee.