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After The Installation Of Female IC Socket
Aug 30, 2017

After the installation of Female IC Socket
In fact, when we do not use the Female IC Socket, it is best to unplug the Female IC Socket, so you can ensure that no waste of electricity, but also to protect the Female IC Socket, to avoid danger.
In addition to pay attention to Female IC Socket manufacturers wholesale product quality, but also regularly on the home of the Female IC Socket to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including the inspection date, installation location, Female IC Socket and other power situation.
    After the installation of Female IC Socket, according to the floor and units by household door-to-door power check and record, the specific content, including the life of the Female IC Socket is expired, Female IC Socket whether there is damage within the contact is good, Whether the switch will control the phase line, switch installation location is in line with the standard, single-phase three-hole Female IC Socket wiring is left zero right phase, whether the switch is installed, Ground in the upper, to check the non-compliance with the requirements of the Female IC Socket rectification.
    One of them, regular inspection requires construction, supervision and construction units together with the Female IC Socket, as well as electrical appliances safe by the inspection and record.
    We need to pay attention to the Female IC Socket manufacturers wholesale product quality, and in use, will find some Female IC Socket can not normally power, which is what caused it?
    First check the zero line connector is short, the first Female IC Socket panel open to see if there is a problem, you can work from the Female IC Socket to lead a zero line to the Female IC Socket, if the normal power, Said the original zero line burned, the original line to be removed, re-find a professional electrician wiring. And then in the pen test, the lights that fire line is powered, proved to be zero line, and will cause the Female IC Socket no electricity. But also check the positive and negative contact with the elasticity is good, plug the plug, the Female IC Socket within the shrapnel and plug contact with each other or not.
    There is also a situation is that if the Female IC Socket FireWire is electricity, that is not normal power, then also need to check the zero line is open.
Female IC Socket manufacturers wholesale product specifications model, we not only to the right choice, but also in the installation, we must also comply with the relevant provisions, pay attention to safety issues.
    In the installation of three-hole Female IC Socket, the exact wiring method is based on the hole and the tap water pipe or wall to link together, or with steel pipe, angle iron cut into the appropriate length, into the underground as an auxiliary grounding The Before using the electrical equipment, to pre-use the pen to detect the power line, remember the length and brightness of the pen. And then connected to the electrical appliances, metal products to detect the shell. If the latter light short and dark, that is the shell of the electricity is the normal leakage of induction electricity, is not to the title; but if the light long and bright, then the Female IC Socket installation or electrical product quality is absolutely a problem, To repair or renew.
    Also need to Female IC Socket on the number of amps to check, and some Female IC Socket products are porous type, can be inserted at the same time more power consumption of relatively large electrical products, in fact, this is extremely unsafe.
 Female IC Socket brand manufacturers here to remind us that in the wall after the installation of Female IC Socket, one should pay attention to check, no problem before they can complete the acceptance.
    To check the location of the installation of Female IC Socket is reasonable and correct, Female IC Socket installation requirements of a smooth, can cut off the power to open the surface cover, check the box wire requirements meet the requirements, do not hurt the core, the box requires insulation treatment is good. But also depends on the Female IC Socket product surface is still intact, and for Female IC Socket power check, is through the opening and closing switch to see whether the corresponding electrical work is normal or not. In the acceptance time, need to check the Female IC Socket wiring is correct, and Female IC Socket line relative to the switch to a little more complex.