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After The Installation Of Switch IC Socket After The Acceptance Work
Aug 30, 2017

After the installation of switch IC Socket after the acceptance work
    IC Socket manufacturers suggest that we install the switch IC Socket, you should check the switch, IC Socket installation location is correct, the installation requirements of a smooth and stable.
    In the acceptance, the first need to watch the switch IC Socket product surface is still intact, if the renovation of the mistakes can seek compensation. And then check the switch, IC Socket installation location is correct, the installation requirements stable and stable; see switch IC Socket cover is close to the wall. Check the switch through the opening and closing switch to see if the corresponding electrical work is normal to determine whether the power of the conclusion; and check the IC Socket is required to use the electroscope, you can make a special or mobile phone charger, the electroscope into the IC Plug the mouth, check the IC Socket power situation. If the indicator light is all black, then this IC Socket power problems, the need for repair.
    IC Socket line relative to the switch to be a little more, in the acceptance time, need to check the IC Socket wiring is correct.
  We for the power IC Socket, should be used by the national product quality supervision departments to test qualified products, it is best from the IC Socket brand manufacturers with high-grade products with flame retardant materials.
    Residential power supply IC Socket should be used safety IC Socket, bathroom and other places should be used anti-splash-type IC Socket. For household appliances with electric shock to plug the power supply, use an IC Socket with a switch to disconnect the power supply. If it is in a relatively humid place, install the IC Socket should also be installed waterproof box. Power supply IC Socket rated current should be greater than the known equipment using the rated current of 1.25 times, the general single-phase power IC Socket rated current of 10A, dedicated power IC Socket for the 16A, and special high-power household appliances its distribution circuit and power supply Should be selected according to the actual capacity.
    Switch IC Socket, although not as large as home appliances, but the relationship between the daily safety of the family, but also to protect the family electrical safety of the first line of defense, so the choice of switch IC Socket when absolutely not sloppy.
In the lightning after the conductor instantaneous induction of great voltage and current, the building of the electrical equipment damage, when the IC Socket manufacturers wholesale lightning protection IC Socket can play a huge role.
    The lightning protection IC Socket works is the use of lightning protection, or varistor such a transient voltage absorber installed in the input line between the formation of an infinite impedance, when the instantaneous voltage occurs when the resistance It will quickly reduce the transfer of transient energy, so as to achieve the effectiveness of the protection of internal electrical equipment. So lightning protection IC Socket can effectively absorb the surge from the power system, so that electrical appliances in harsh environments and the safe use of the mine area.
    Like the induction mine will be in the moment along the antenna, feeder, signal lines and power lines and other electrical intrusion inside, to bring great damage to the electrical appliances, and has a lightning protection function of the IC Socket, you can prevent the surge on electrical damage.
Bedroom is the people to rest, sleep place, for the layout of the IC Socket is very important, we should also pay attention to the IC Socket manufacturers to detect the quality of the wholesale.
    First, to determine the location of the bed is the key to the placement of the bedroom IC Socket. General double bed are placed in the middle of the room, both sides of the bedside set of a set of multi-purpose power IC Socket for bedside lamp, floor fan and electric blanket. In addition, the bed and set up a telephone IC Socket, the diagonal of the bed set up a TV IC Socket and a group of multi-purpose power IC Socket for bedtime to enjoy the TV or desk desk lamp. But also in the windows on the side of the window, set up an air conditioning power IC Socket, the other appropriate set of a set of multi-purpose power IC Socket, for backup.
    For the rational placement of the bedroom IC Socket, will be more convenient for our lives, hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone.