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By High-speed Cable Industry Development In China Entered A Period Of Stable
Dec 16, 2016

My second half of the year has taken effective and targeted policy measures to support economic activity, include tax breaks, speed up financial and infrastructure spending and targeted to cut reserve requirements. Based on expected growth in 2014 is 7.4%.   Next year, as the economic transition to a more sustainable growth path, further declines, GDP is estimated to be 7.1%. Wire and cable industry in China under the influence of external economic downturn and domestic GDP is expected at the beginning of 7.5% to 7.4%, the growth of the cable industry in 2014 year also declined slightly. According to the latest statistics news and statistics, 2014-1 ~ July wire and cable (not including optical fibres) industry sales rose 5.97%, total profits rose 13.98%.   January-July of wire and cable 5.44% less amount of imports, export amount rose 17.85%. From a period of rapid development in China's cable industry entered a period of stable development, cable industry during this period must follow in the footsteps of the times, accelerate industry structure adjustment and backward capacity elimination, innovation-driven industry, from cable manufacturing big country to a manufacturing powerhouse. -From "the large metal grid"