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Connector Market Focus Shifted Towards China
Dec 16, 2016

Electronic connector market in the future will focus on China's global connector market is about $45.3 billion, regionally, global market focus shifted towards China. 1999-2009 decade in North America, Europe and Japan have seen a decline in the proportion of the market, with United States as the most; this trade-off, market thriving as the most beautiful regions in China, accounting for more than ten years from 4% to over 20%.

Connectors are different under different market trends. 3C (computer, and communications, and consumption electronic) field gradually fusion, and 3C connection device development trend: miniaturization, and high frequency of and environmental of; car/industrial field connection apparatus special requirements: performance stable and reliable; military connection device gradually in and commercial connection device boundaries gradually fuzzy, fiber class connection device is development focus; application Yu extreme environment Xia of aerospace class connection device, is on high life, and resistance extreme temperature, and anti-electromagnetic radiation, and seismic moving, and anti-aging proposed has more high requirements.