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Contact Resistance Refers To Two Contact Resistance Of The Conductors In The Contact Section. In The Selection Notice Two Issues.
Dec 16, 2016

First, the connector contact resistance indicator is in fact contact resistance, it consists of contact resistance and contact resistance of the conductor. Usually smaller conductor resistance and contact resistance in many technical specification is called the contact resistance.

Second, connecting small-signal circuit, should pay attention to the contact resistance indicator is given the conditions under which testing. Contact will schedule an oxide layer on the surface, oil or other contaminants, two contact surface film resistance. In the film thickness increases, the resistance increases rapidly, making the film a poor conductor. However, film mechanical breakdown can occur at high contact pressure or at high voltage, high current electrical breakdown occurs. For some small-footprint contact pressure connector design is quite small, used only for mV and mA level, resistance of the film not easily penetrated, which may affect the transmission of electrical signals. GB5095 electromechanical components for the electric equipment basic testing procedures and measuring method of contact resistance test method of "executed on contact resistance – a coin", in order to prevent the breakdown of insulating film on contacts, open circuit test loop electromotive force of DC or AC peak value should be less than 20mV, DC or AC test current should be less than 100mA. In fact, this is a low level contact resistance test method and, therefore, are requested by choice, select connector from low level contact resistance indicator.

To sum up, according to the different needs of customers can choose whether or not to use low level contact resistance indicator connector.