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Decoration Of The Room For The Male IC Socket Location Reasonable Arrangements
Oct 19, 2017

Decoration of the room for the Male IC Socket location reasonable arrangements
For the power supply Male IC Socket layout, should be based on indoor household appliances and furniture planning location, Male IC Socket brand manufacturers prompts us, should also pay close attention to the construction and other related professional cooperation in order to determine the correct position of Male IC Socket Sex.
Power Male IC Socket should be installed in not less than two symmetrical wall, each wall two power male Male IC Socket between the horizontal distance should not exceed 2.5m ~ 3m, distance from the end wall should not exceed 0.6m. No special requirements of the ordinary power Male IC Socket 0.3m from the ground to install, washing machine dedicated Male IC Socket installed from the ground 1.6m, and with lights and switches. Any room with a cable TV terminal box or computer Male IC Socket should be provided with at least two five-hole combined male Male IC Sockets at the cable TV terminal box or computer Male IC Socket to meet the TV, VCD, audio power amplifier or Computer needs.
The living room is the main activities of the staff concentrated places, household appliances and more design should be arranged according to the layout of the building layout Male IC Socket, and should ensure that each major wall has a power Male IC Socket.
In the lightning after the conductor instantaneous induction of a great voltage and current, the building of the electrical equipment damage, then the Male IC Socket manufacturers wholesale lightning protection Male IC Socket can play a huge role.
The lightning protection Male IC Socket works is the use of lightning protection, or varistor such a transient voltage absorber installed in the input line between the formation of an infinite impedance, when the instantaneous voltage occurs when the resistance The device will quickly reduce the transfer of transient energy, so as to achieve the effectiveness of the protection of internal electrical equipment. So lightning protection Male IC Socket can effectively absorb from the power system surge pulse, so electrical appliances in harsh environments and the safe use of the mine area.
Like the induction of lightning in the moment along the antenna, feeder, signal lines and power lines and other internal electrical appliances, to bring great damage to the electrical appliances, and lightning protection function of the Male IC Socket, you can prevent the surge on the electrical damage The
Timing power Male IC Socket with a time booking function, you can preset 16 times a week at different times on or off control, so that your electrical appliances in accordance with the laws of your life set the work mode for your life to bring great convenience, You can upgrade the traditional electrical appliances into smart appliances. And the application of regular male power IC socket can avoid the office staff to forget to shut down the office electrical equipment trouble, schools, factories can also be used to automatically control the bell, the time is accurate, especially for people who work or live regular use.
In the installation time, for the Male IC Socket installation height, when the design requirements, should be installed according to design requirements, if the design is not clear, with a safety door Male IC Socket is not less than 0.3; without security door Male IC Socket is not low with 1.8M. If it is in the bathroom or other wet places, should be sealed with good waterproof, anti-splash Male IC Socket. In addition, when installing Male IC Socket, the panel should be tight and close to the wall, and wiring should be consistent with single-phase two-hole Male IC Socket; single-phase three-hole Male IC Socket.
These knowledge of the installation of Male IC Socket hope to be able to help everyone use, the correct installation of Male IC Socket is also conducive to ensuring the use of safety.
And indoor mobile Male IC Socket material shell is the use of high strength, high temperature, flame retardant alloy material to prevent thermal deformation, burning, anti-drop; Male IC Socket is the use of high elastic tin phosphor bronze, to protect the stability and adequate pull out Force and the number of plugs; and the internal connection is the use of copper connection and copper screw connection, reducing the number of connection points, to avoid the poor reliability of the pot welding process. If the functional Male IC Socket mainly includes telephone Male IC Socket, TV Male IC Socket, computer Male IC Socket, audio Male IC Socket, etc., different functional Male IC Socket structure is not the same by the corresponding functional components.