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Decoration To Improve The Location Of IC Socket
Oct 11, 2017

Decoration must remember to change the power, which is dealing with the location of IC Socket.
IC Socket location improperly handled, if in the bedroom, living room, may affect the furniture placed; if in the bathroom, the kitchen may be necessary to plan the brick. Dead against the conclusion is - unless you calculate the exact location, otherwise, we remember that: Let the IC Socket as far as possible to the edge of the general will not go wrong, but if you put the IC Socket position to stay improper Is not correct, it may be with the late furniture or electrical installation of the conflict.
"With switch IC Socket" location selection issues mainly consider two points: one is the home appliances "standby power consumption", the other is easy to use. Dead with the home with five "with switch IC Socket", followed by: washing machine IC Socket, electric water heater IC Socket, study computer plug-in board IC Socket, kitchen countertops two spare IC Socket. In the case of
1. Almost all household appliances have standby power consumption. Therefore, in order to avoid frequent plug, similar to the washing machine IC Socket, electric water heater IC Socket such a relatively low frequency of electrical appliances can be considered with "with switch IC Socket".
2. If you think the rice cooker, electric kettle this type of electrical equipment between the two tasks to pull out a lot of trouble, you can consider the kitchen counter in the spare IC Socket use "with switch IC Socket".
3. Study computer with a plug-in board can basically solve the computer that a large string of plug, in order to avoid every day stick to the bottom of the desk according to plug-in power supply, can be installed in the desk opposite a "switch IC Socket".
Switch IC Socket security or not, which is connected with its internal wiring has a great relationship. The most advanced connection is the quick connection terminal structure. This connection is simple, just plug the wire into the terminal, the connection is completed, but the wiring state is uniform and neat and even, even if hanging on a bowling, the connection will not fall off. The live part is not exposed, so there is no danger of electric shock during construction. With the protection of the door device is also a switch IC Socket design security of a manifestation. Life, often young children because of naughty and curious with fingers or other items into the IC Socket, the resulting casualties a lot. To this end, in the IC Socket jack installed in two automatic vane, only when the plug is inserted, the slide only to both sides of the slide, exposing the jack; pull out the plug, the vane closed, plug the jack, to avoid The occurrence of the accident. There are specifically designed for the kitchen and toilet switch IC, in the panel to install splash water tank or plastic baffle, effectively prevent oil, water vapor intrusion, extend the service life, to prevent short circuit caused by moisture. In addition, the switch IC Socket shell material should be used with excellent electrical characteristics of urea resin, which is characterized by strong non-combustible, heat will not be deformed. Switch the pressure of the node is very high, the general material in the opening and closing will be due to ignition and melting, leading to accidents, so the ideal switch material should be silver lithium alloy contacts. This shows that the switch IC Socket product appearance can be counterfeit, but the internal material and structure is the key to distinguish between high and low, this is the brand products and other common products where the difference.
Small to IC Socket fever, plug loose, poor contact, large to leakage, short circuit, overload and even burning fire, due to the use of poor quality IC Socket caused by security incidents are common, once the lead, ranging from damage to electrical appliances, while the endanger the user Life safety, the consequences could be disastrous. Choose excellent quality switch IC Socket, for the safety of electricity is very important.
High-quality IC Socket color uniform, sophisticated materials, fine workmanship, very texture. Breakthrough electrical research and development center explained that the selection of materials and structural design is different, poor quality IC Socket after a period of use, the internal copper structure is easy to deformation and displacement, resulting in poor contact between the plug and the sleeve, the working time Long easy to heat hot, resulting in short circuit, fire and other accidents. And break through the IC Socket has a love double-action protection door design, after more than 5000 times after the product plug, love double action protection door need 40 Newton (equivalent to 4 kg pressure) evenly forced to insert, put an end to the elderly and children Plug the possibility of electric shock, can better protect the user's household safety.