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Female IC Socket Market Profile
Jun 14, 2017

Female IC Socket market profile

More than that, smart grid can make your home into a small power company. For example, when a user installs a solar panel on the roof of the home, once the power generation of the board is greater than the amount of electricity consumed in the home, the extra electricity will be "sold back" to the power company through the smart grid, This is the past can only one-way transmission of analog power grid can not do.

    However, the smart grid can do more than you think.

    Through the smart grid, "the future, the power company may also become a telecommunications company," "policy will" analyst Gong Junguang said.

    Imagine, when you put the computer plug in the Female IC Socket, you can access the Internet; you in the company, you can remote control home rice cooker, home has been cooked ... ... smart grid developed by the PLC (PowerLineCommunication, power line Communication "technology, have the opportunity to" smart family "dream come true, but also to each person's home Female IC Socket, into the operator's battleground, because the" power line "will be following the" telephone line "(solid Network), the only one connected to every household line.

    It is understood that China Telecom is actively taking this piece of cake, hoping Taiwan Electric Power Company, and the exclusive cooperation with China Telecom; and Taiwan Mobile and the remote and so on, and so on. Operators, but also in the table together under the anti-blocking, so that has been exclusive fixed network of China Telecom and then get the power line this is a valuable, ready-made "last mile" line.

For the power company, because the Female IC Socket can clearly grasp the power consumption of electricity users at every time, to more effectively configure the power transmission system. "With the smart grid and the time price, users can" move the load ", so that the peak and off the peak of the electricity becomes less noticeable, and the cost of generating electricity will drop." When generating electricity, Cost down, electricity prices will follow the down, directly benefit, or every month to pay the user fee.

    40 years ago, the "Internet" (Internet) invention completely changed the way people share information; forty years later, the Female IC Socket smart grid inventions, will also completely change the human understanding of electricity. This "grid 2.0" revolution has already begun in your life in my life, you, ready?