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Female IC Socket Why Can Not Power Properly
Jul 28, 2017

Female IC Socket why can not power properly
    We need to pay attention to the quality of the socket manufacturers in the wholesale product quality, and in use, will find some Female IC Socket can not normally power, which is what caused it?
    First of all to check the zero line connector is short-circuit, first socket panel open to see if there is a problem, you can work from the socket directly lead a zero line to the socket, if the normal power, it means that the original zero Broken, to the original line removed, re-find a professional electrician wiring. And then in the pen test, the lights that fire line is energized, proved to be zero line, and will cause the socket without electricity. But also check the positive and negative contact pads are good, plug the plug, the socket shrapnel and plug contact with each other or not.
    There is also a situation is that if the Female IC Socket FireWire is electricity, that is not normal power, then also need to check the zero line is open.
   Socket brand manufacturers tell us that in the Female IC Socket wiring, the test pen can be used to find the line of fire, clear line and the line of fire and zero line before they can close the socket power supply.
    And then the fire line connected to one of the two holes in the switch, and then from the other hole in a 2.5MM2 insulated wire, directly to the 2.5MM2 insulated wire into the socket below the three holes in the L hole, wiring Need to be fastened. And then followed by the zero line directly connected to the socket 3 holes in the N hole, wiring to be connected. Finally, the ground directly to the socket 3 holes in the E hole, the wiring required to be fastened. In the zero, ground wiring, can not be wrong wiring, if the encounter Female IC Socket left and right on the ground of the fire on the wiring problem, plug in the electrical equipment when there will be tripping phenomenon.
    In the case of Female IC Socket wiring, there is often the possibility of error, in addition to the implementation of strict color distinction between the provisions of the focus to use the socket checker for full inspection, and also need to open the Female IC Socket for wire connection quality inspection.
  For safety reasons, we must buy high-quality socket products, then the socket manufacturers when the wholesale, we should pay attention to what? Let's take a look:
    First of all, depends on the appearance of the wall Female IC Socket, high-quality switches and sockets of the panel should use advanced plastic products, looks uniform material, smooth and texture; panel material with high-grade PC material, its flame retardant, insulation and impact Sex are very good, and material stability, not easy to change color. Then, depending on the internal structure, the wall of the Female IC Socket, usually should be used silver contacts and silver-copper composite made of conductive film, so to prevent the opening off when the arc caused by oxidation. Choose a wall with a protective door Female IC Socket products, to check the degree of tightness of the socket clip, force smooth is a key factor.
In addition to the safety of switches and sockets, their designs are also more and more consumers concerned about the choice as far as possible with the wall color.
In addition to pay attention to the quality of the socket manufacturers wholesale products, but also regularly on the home of the Female IC Socket to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including the inspection date, installation location, socket and other power situation.
    After the installation of Female IC Socket, according to the floor and units by household door-to-door power check and record, the specific content, including the life of the Female IC Socket is expired, Female IC Socket whether there is damage within the contact is good, Whether the switch, whether the line is connected to the center of the mouth, kitchen and bathroom switches are waterproof, whether the switch control the phase line, switch installation location is in line with the standard, single-phase three-hole socket wiring is left zero right, ground In the upper, to check the Female IC Socket does not meet the requirements of rectification.
    One of them, regular inspection requires construction, supervision and construction units together with the Female IC Socket, as well as electrical appliances safe by the inspection and record.