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Guide To Selection Of Female IC Socket Receptacle For Wall Switch
Jul 18, 2017

Guide to selection of Female IC Socket receptacle for wall switch

Women for household decorates wall Female IC Socket is that we need to pay attention to the problem, we should not covet is cheap, buy inferior switch Female IC Socket, otherwise easy to cause some security problems, modelling is unnecessary loss.

The selection guide of wall switch Female IC Socket is introduced as follows:

1, material

Material is the first element to ensure the quality of women switch IC socket, the PC material is regarded as the best switch panel, it has a flame retardant, insulation, and impact resistance, etc, are relative to the other materials better, so the wall switch IC socket is to choose the best women made of PC material.

2, appearance

The appearance of the product can also see the quality of the Female IC Socket on the switch. If the surface is smooth and smooth, the color uniformity is generally good quality products. In addition, consumers should also see whether the brand logo on the panel is clear, whether it has burrs, etc.

3. Internal structure

The internal structure of the wall switch Female IC Socket is best made of tin phosphate bronze, which is good in elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high hardness.

4. Safety certification

The switch Female IC Socket must be certified by 3C certification, ISO9000 series certification, and some international brands have obtained other national and international security certifications in addition to the 3C certification.

5. Humanized design

At present, there will be night indicator lights on the switch panel, some of which will be used in the night direction of fluorescent paint, and some will be powered by the power source. The power source glow is environmentally friendly and provides a softer, more comfortable light for consumers.

Intelligent fireproofing switch Female IC Socket is switch IC socket manufacturer of a new product, women possess general switch IC socket under normal conditions on or off the function of the circuit, the circuit also in current overload, short circuit and other anomalies or at high ambient temperatures, can automatically disconnect circuit, lead to electrical fire, and to ensure the personal safety and property safety.

Wall switch Female IC Socket

The intelligent fire wall switch Female IC Socket has the following advantages:

1. When the load exceeds the action current, the circuit will be cut off automatically.

2. If the power supply is forcibly reset if the fault is not completely excluded, the intelligent fire switch Female IC Socket will automatically repeat the power failure and alarm;

3. If the load does not exceed the action current, it can maintain the power supply for a long time.

4, and other reasons cause the shell temperature of 90 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃, the intelligent fire women IC will automatically cut off the power supply socket, can prevent fire or burning appliance;

5. Intelligent fire-proof switch Female IC Socket size and installation is the same as the normal Female IC Socket;

6. After the faulty circuit is cut off, it will not affect the work of other circuits.

Intelligent fire wall switch Female IC Socket has some advantages above, it can be seen that smart fire wall switch is very good.