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IC Socket Dust Easy To Conductive Should Always Clean Up
Nov 02, 2017

IC Socket dust easy to conductive should always clean up
Many people often separated by ten days and a half to think of cleaning up the IC Socket, this time it has been made "gray head". "IC Socket dust is too easy to cause poor contact, serious will also lead to local fever. Temperature rise to a certain extent, IC Socket will be deformed, a few will cause a short circuit, causing a fire." China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute of national household appliances Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, General Manager of the Ministry of Inspection Lu Jianguo reminded.
Power IC Socket should be cleaned up every three or four days. Love clean people like to use a wet cloth to wipe the IC Socket, Lu Jianguo stressed that this is taboo, because the rag on the water will make the jack becomes wet, immediately after plugging the power supply, easy to lead to short circuit. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust in the IC Socket, the IC Socket can also be reversed, gently tapping the bottom, and then use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dust. "Must pat." Lu Jianguo said, remake or simply put the IC Socket on the ground knock, will destroy the inside of the parts.
In fact, many IC Sockets are now some internal dust control measures. Therefore, if in a dry, clean environment, IC Sockets as long as the regular clean up on it. Bathroom is best to use a waterproof sockets with IC Sockets, because the water vapor may make dust, hair, etc. become a conductor, the formation of power state, it was called "plastic pollution." In addition, the long-term unplug the power plug should always be clean, otherwise it is also prone to "mass pollution."
Switch IC Socket security or not, which is connected with its internal wiring has a great relationship. The most advanced connection is the quick connection terminal structure. This connection is simple, just plug the wire into the terminal, the connection is completed, but the wiring state is uniform and neat and even, even if hanging on a bowling, the connection will not fall off. The live part is not exposed, so there is no danger of electric shock during construction. The protective door device is also a reflection of the safety of the switch IC Socket design. Life, often young children due to naughty and curious with fingers or other items into the IC Socket, the resulting casualties a lot. To this end, in the IC Socket jacks installed in two automatic vane, only when the plug is inserted, the slide only to both sides of the slide, exposing the jack; pull out the plug, the vane closed, plug the jack, to avoid The occurrence of the accident. There are specifically designed for the kitchen and toilet switch IC Socket, in the panel to install splash water tank or plastic baffle, effectively prevent oil, water vapor intrusion, extend the service life, to prevent short circuit caused by moisture. In addition, the switch IC Socket housing material should be used with excellent electrical characteristics of urea resin, which is characterized by strong non-combustible, heat will not be deformed. Switch the pressure of the node is very high, the general material in the opening and closing will be due to ignition and melting, leading to accidents, so the ideal switch material should be silver lithium alloy contacts. This shows that the switch IC Socket product appearance can be counterfeit, but the internal material and structure is the key to distinguish between high and high, this is the brand products and other common products where the difference.
Plug IC Socket size is not qualified. Size check is mainly the size of the plug socket IC Socket size is in accordance with China's flat plug IC Socket system design and production, is related to the same type of plug IC Socket can be interlocked and different types of plug IC Socket can not be inserted, Related to the plug IC Socket is able to use and safe use of the problem. Check the individual product plug IC Socket size unqualified, some of which plug the plug from the plug edge of the distance is not enough, easily lead to normal use of the hand touch to the live latch, resulting in the occurrence of security incidents; some socket socket The appearance of the length of the lower than the standard requirements of the lower limit, the plug may not be properly inserted into the IC Socket status.