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IC Socket Layout To A Reasonable Daily Life Is Convenient
Sep 11, 2017

IC Socket layout to a reasonable daily life is convenient
Many consumers reflect their own IC Socket or not installed less, or is the location of the wrong installation, there are product models selected the wrong situation, we all know that the IC Socket once the installation is complete, the latter part of the change is generally more difficult. The number of electrical appliances in each family is different, the number of natural IC Socket can not be consistent. And to determine the number of home needs IC Socket, you can consider the three factors mentioned above to determine.
Determine the number of IC Sockets, is to determine the location of the installation. The IC Socket of the lamp is generally between 1.2m and 1.4m (as high as the adult's shoulder) and is installed at the same height, and the difference is not more than 5mm. The position of the IC Socket should also take into account the family's living habits. IC Socket installation location to determine than the IC Socket to be relatively complex. Electrical appliances and furniture placement and size of the location of the IC Socket for the installation of a very large impact.
 In the micro-IC Socket design of the biggest technical feature is to prevent the loss, to extend its service life. The wear of the fretting IC Socket is divided into wear and fatigue. The wear of the micro-IC Socket means that the contact surface wears or the loss of the material. The fatigue of the micro-IC Socket refers to the fatigue crack or the fatigue life of the material such as metal.
1, micro-IC Socket to increase the contact surface strength is the main way to slow down the loss. It is through various surface treatment, such as physical (laser, ion implantation, etc. to change the surface microstructure of the hardening technology), chemical (carburizing, nitriding and other surface hardening technology), mechanical (shot peening, rolling, etc. to increase the surface residual compressive stress ) Process to make the surface of the material to obtain special ingredients, organizational structure and performance, in order to improve its wear resistance and fatigue resistance.
In addition, there are metal materials such as silver, alloy and the like which are used to enhance the electrical capacity of the metal spring and the contact.
2, micro-IC Socket structure design changes, but also can play the effect of slowing down the loss. Such as changing the internal geometry of the components, clamping methods, contact size, etc., but also changed the contact surface of the pressure distribution and contact mode, can improve the performance of anti-fretting damage to varying degrees. Another effective measure to reduce the fretting IC Socket loss is to reduce the friction coefficient (ie, friction), which can be achieved by increasing the way the lubricant medium.
A small IC Socket, if not properly used, may lead to major security incidents, the following came to talk about the use of improper use of IC Socket 11 fire hazards.
1, the toilet IC Socket to install splash box, to avoid splashing water to form an open circuit.
2, IC Socket is combusted by the flammable material or dust caused by a short circuit, or installed in the flammable and explosive dangerous places, insert or unplug the plug when the spark caused an explosion fire.
3, plug damage is not timely replacement, with a bare wire head instead of plug use, resulting in short circuit or spark, causing combustible fire.
4, some bedside IC Socket in use after a release, IC Socket impact bed frame or wall leaving the outer insulation layer is damaged, most likely cause short circuit.
5, the lamp holder working voltage and operating current and the use of IC Socket power does not match, long-term overload, once the temperature is too high will cause a fire. Three male Aurora IC Socket are 16A large current limit, to meet all the industry and the family of normal electricity. Some other IC Sockets are generally 10A current limit, when the family a little more power consumption, it will cause a fire.
6, flat mouth or screw mouth lamp holder or multi-eye IC Socket with the wire end of the insulation stripping. Too long, the exposed part of the short circuit; too short, bad conductor contact, contact resistance is too large, overheating caused by fire.
7, the process of installing the lamp holder twist the lamp holder and make the wire twisted together, or exposed too much core, spread after the other end caused by short-circuit fire.
8, IC Socket installed properly, in particular, the IC Socket installed in the combustible object, the lead wire at the lead was scratched, so that the core exposed or water vapor infiltration, resulting in short circuit, or IC Socket when the arc caused by fire.
9, the distribution board is not into the box, the fuse will be hot when the hot metal particles splashed, so that the following combustible material caused by combustion.
10, the home use of combustible gas due to pipeline or valve leakage, so that combustible gas and air mixture to reach the explosion limit, open, close no arc device electrical IC Socket, it will produce sparks, causing a fire or explosion. The three male Aurora IC Socket using silver-nickel alloy contacts and sliding rocker, so not only to avoid the arcing, but also greatly extended the IC Socket panel life. In this proposal to buy IC Socket to buy silver-nickel alloy contacts, do not buy sterling silver, aluminum, etc., their melting point is low, easy to melt, more prone to arc.
11, chandelier with the power cord cross section is small and the use of power is too large, so that wire fever.