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IC Socket Location Selection Requirements
Jun 22, 2017

IC Socket location selection requirements
IC Socket position is not handled properly if the bedroom, living room, may affect the furniture placed; if in the bathroom, the kitchen may have to plan the brick. Today, IC Socket manufacturers wholesale with you to understand the location of IC Socket selection requirements.
Dead against the conclusion is - unless you calculate the exact location, otherwise, we remember that: Let the IC Socket as much as possible to the edge of the general will not go wrong, but if you put the IC Socket position to stay improper Is not correct, it may be with the late furniture or electrical installation of the conflict.
"With the switch IC Socket," the location of the choice of the main consideration of two points: one is the home appliances "standby power consumption", the other is easy to use. Dead with the home with five "with a switch IC Socket", the location are: washing machine IC Socket, electric water heater IC Socket, study computer plug-in board IC Socket, kitchen counter two standby IC Socket.
Kitchen and toilet are often water and fumes, IC Socket manufacturers wholesale remind you IC Socket panel is best to install splash water tank or plastic baffle.
In addition, some decoration companies in the installation of three-hole IC Socket, often let the ground shape, even directly to the ground line to the gas pipeline. Professionals pointed out that these practices are very dangerous, ground and electrical appliances connected, once the electrical leakage, will lead to electric shock.
Air conditioning, washing machines, range hoods and other high-power appliances is best to use a separate IC Socket. In general, the bedroom is best to install four groups of IC Sockets, living room every 2.5 square meters of a group, the kitchen every 1.2 square meters.
We in the IC Socket manufacturers wholesalers to buy IC Socket when the IC Socket to understand the quality of good or bad in order to ensure the quality of the purchase, first of all we need to understand the characteristics of poor quality IC Socket, we know about it!
First of all poor quality IC Socket is characterized by no production plant name, only in the IC Socket or a single package marked with Guangdong, Zhejiang, China or MADE IN CHINA words, and some without any signs or instructions. We need to be careful when buying, car, IC Socket itself contact copper thin, no flexibility. Plug inserted into the feel weak, not tight, there is a slight vibration on the power, and even hand a loose plug on the off.
If we observe from the socket of the IC Socket, we will find that the position of the contact copper is not on the jack. And the appearance looks very rough, we all need to pay attention.