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IC Socket Preferred Safety
Aug 18, 2017

IC Socket preferred safety
In the home decoration process, IC Sockets are often considered the most important part of a link. According to the China Fire Statistical Yearbook (2000), 26.1% of the total number of fires due to electrical causes, and the quality of IC Sockets and the problems of their installation are one of the important causes of electrical fires. Several key points to pick IC Socket products:
1, the terminal: common with the traditional screw terminals and introduced from Japan and gradually popular two quick-connect terminals, although the latter is more difficult to produce, but the use of more reliable, and wiring is very simple and fast, even non-professional construction personnel, As long as the wire is simply inserted into the terminal hole, the connection is completed and will never fall off. Compared with the quick connect terminals, the quality of the screw terminal wiring is easily affected by the technical level of the construction personnel, and after the wiring, it is likely to be loosened when it is pulled by vibration or external force.
2, switch feel: feel is the ordinary consumer to determine the best way to switch good or bad. Good switch general spring hard, more sense in the switch when the sense of the general switch is very soft, and even often switch the handle in the middle of the phenomenon.
3, fluorescent switch: fluorescent switch is generally a paint type and power light type (such as neon bubble), the former price is low, but because the phosphor is by the external light source when the amount of light reserves in the evening after the disappearance of external light source Fast depletion, can not play a fluorescent effect. The regular manufacturers of products generally use power light technology, long-term light, the price is relatively expensive, suitable for high-end decoration or some specific location, such as room entrance, toilet lights, stairs, etc..
4, copper: as a copper, although the purchase can not see, but for the IC Socket is essential. Judgment is the easiest way to try to use the plug to try to plug the moderate strength, and then weigh the hand, IC Socket is really a little sink.
5, insulation materials: insulating materials for the safety of the IC Socket is very important, but ordinary consumers are more difficult to judge, if the purchase of the core components if you want to do some of the best burning experiment, if no conditions, from the appearance of Said that good material is generally more rigid texture, it is difficult to scratch, after forming a tight structure, and the weight is heavier.
      Engage in home improvement people have such experience, large and small switch looks almost the same, but the price difference is very large, low to several dollars, high to several hundred dollars, then how to choose the IC Socket? Experts tell you that the choice of IC Socket reliability is the most important, we must pick the quality of the brand.
     Take a look at quality. Switch, IC Socket quality related to the safety of household electricity problems, some by the Electrical Committee and other authoritative testing agencies certified products can be trusted. Consumers can ask the sales staff about this situation, if you can provide a copy is better. At the same time, you can also ask the switch, IC Socket of the internal timber. Quality conductive parts should be used phosphor bronze, contact with composite silver.
     Two look feel. Good quality of the switch most of the use of bullet-proof plastic and other high-grade materials, fire performance, moisture resistance, anti-impact performance are high, smooth surface.
     Three look at the structure. Some imported or joint venture products have been eliminated from the traditional screw pressure line, and the use of pressure plate terminal, which can increase the wire contact area, improve the conductivity, to avoid screwing the core wire, and single-core, multi-core can be used The
     Four look at the price. Domestic switch, IC Socket price is low, but the quality is not much; import brand prices are mostly tens of dollars. Joint venture is a good choice, quality and function, style and imported products are almost the same, but the price is only half.
     Five to see the brand. We encourage you to use well-known brands. Because the quality of the switch is related to the normal use of electrical appliances, and even the convenience of life. Most brands will want consumers to make effective commitments, such as "available 15 years", "to ensure 12 years of life" and so on.
     Six to see the service. As far as possible to the regular manufacturers designated stores or point of sale to buy, and ask for invoices, so as to ensure that you can enjoy the future after-sales service.
     Seven to see the logo. Pay attention to the identification of the IC Socket on the base, including 3C certification, rated current and voltage.
     Eight look at the packaging. Product packaging should have a clear factory address telephone, with instructions and certification.

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