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IC Socket Wiring Method
Aug 09, 2017

IC Socket wiring method
 IC Socket brand manufacturers told us that the IC Socket wiring, the test pen can be used to find the line of fire, clear line and the line of fire and zero line before they can turn off the IC Socket power supply.
    And then the fire line connected to one of the two holes in the switch, and then from the other hole in a 2.5MM2 insulated wire, directly to the 2.5MM2 insulated wire into the IC Socket below the three holes in the L hole, Wiring is required. And then followed by the zero line directly connected to the IC Socket 3 holes in the N hole, wiring to be connected. Finally, the ground directly to the IC Socket 3 holes in the E hole, the wiring required to be fastened. In the zero, ground wiring, can not be wrong wiring, if the IC Socket on the left and right on the ground of the ground connection problems, plug in the electrical equipment will trip when the phenomenon.
    In the IC Socket wiring, there are often the possibility of error, in addition to the implementation of strict color distinction between the provisions of the focus to use the IC Socket tester for full inspection, and also need to open the IC Socket for wire connection quality inspection.
In the construction or all kinds of decoration construction, the wiring box is a must for electrical auxiliary tools, IC Socket brand manufacturers suggest that we should pay attention to the wiring box and the junction box have some differences.
    In order to keep the building surface clean and beautiful, wiring box generally need to be embedded installation, it can also play a connection wire, a variety of electrical lines of the transition to protect the role of line security. Different materials of the wiring box should not be mixed use, such as metal material of the box its grounding type, fire energy, hardness and other better; and PVC and other materials, its insulation performance better. In use, as far as possible not to damage the structure of the cartridge, the structure of the damage will easily lead to embedded box deformation, the installation of the panel adversely affected.
    At the same time through the pipe, threading construction, but also need to pay attention to is to avoid the reserved hole of the cartridge on the wire and other damage.
  IC Socket manufacturers with the wholesale IC Socket, the installation of the location of the choice should be considered two points, one is the standby power consumption of household appliances, the other is easy to use.
    Recommended home with five with IC Socket, including the washing machine IC Socket, electric water heater IC Socket, the study of computer plug-in board IC Socket, kitchen counter two standby IC Socket. Almost all of the household appliances have standby power consumption, so in order to avoid frequent plug, similar to the washing machine IC Socket, electric water heater IC Socket such a relatively low frequency of electrical appliances can be considered with IC Socket. If you think that rice cookers, electric kettles, these two tasks between the plug and pull between the very troublesome, you can consider the kitchen counter in the spare IC Socket with IC Socket.
    In the study computer with a plug-in board can basically solve the computer that a large string of plug, and in order to avoid every day stick to the bottom of the desk according to plug-in power supply, you can install a desk with an IC Socket.
 For the IC Socket brand manufacturers of products, in the purchase time is a little standard, to look at the appearance of IC Socket and style and color design, whether and the overall integration of the indoor style.
    Like the overall tone of the interior decoration if the simple tone, you can not install black and other dark IC Socket. In addition to see in the hands of the feeling, a good IC Socket brand will use imported PC flame retardant materials, with moisture, fire, anti-shock, anti-impact performance are better, smooth surface, so at the time of purchase First touch the old hand, feel the feel is smooth, with the feel may have the best judgment, and to ask IC Socket brand manufacturers. Generally for the surface is not shiny lubrication of the panel, the performance is not trust.
    Finally, for a good IC Socket panel to no bubbles, no scratches, no stains, and press the feel is not tight, IC Socket jack design security door, plug in the plug when the intensity should be moderate , Single hole can not be inserted when inserted.