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Industrial IC Socket And Connectors
Jun 30, 2017

Industrial IC Socket and connectors
Industrial IC Socket and couplers are divided into four main categories: plugs, sockets, connectors, and appliances. Generally collectively referred to as industrial IC Socket.
     Industrial IC Socket has the following characteristics:
     1. safe and reliable
    (1) This type of product with the shell color that the rated voltage, such as blue on behalf of 220V, red on behalf of 380V, at a glance, easy to distinguish, not wrong.
     (2) different specifications of the product diameter, number of poles, ground contact location is different, only the same kind of specifications can be plugged, thus preventing mistaken insertion.
     (3) protection against electric shock. The socket in the socket is larger than the phase pole, the center pole is very long, which ensures that the plug is connected to the ground electrode before turning on the phase pole, and the grounding pole is finally disengaged when it is pulled out and is very safe to use.
     (4) high degree of protection. IP44 anti-spill type, IP67 anti-dip type. Not only the body can not touch live parts, but also in different environmental conditions to ensure safe use.
     (5) plus elastic band on the sleeve. To ensure that the plug inserted after the close contact, good conductivity, long service life.
     (6) to keep the device, so that after the IC Socket plug to prevent the loss of each other off, greatly improve the reliability.
     (7) a cable clamping device, can grip the cable sheath, so that the fixed is not pulled off, the use of security.
     2. durable
     (1) good mechanical properties, product shell with high-quality nylon, its high strength, impact resistance, not afraid of falling or stampede. All rubber and plastic are anti-aging, not only can be used with the indoor, can also be used outdoors, durable.
     (2) heat, fire. The inner and outer insulation parts are heat resistant to temperatures up to (100 ± 5) ° C, with important components resistant to (125 ± 5) ° C and flame retardant.
      (3) more pull-resistant use. Such as the rated current 16A products, the normal number of plug-in operation cycle more than 5000 times.
      (4) conductive contact parts (plugs, jackets) temperature rise test more than 50K, suitable for long-term use.
       3. Strong versatility
      Products using GB / T 11918 ~ 11919-2001 standard, which is equivalent to IEC 60309-1 / 2 standard, fully with the international standards. Therefore, these products are common both at home and abroad. At the same time, its specifications and more types, to meet a variety of occasions and uses.
     These features of industrial IC Socket make it highly safe and reliable and internationally versatile. So in the country has gradually been taken seriously, through more than 10 years of continuous application, industrial IC Socket has entered all walks of life, such as electricity, construction, port terminals, machinery industry and modern large-scale construction. Manufacturers from the first few to the development of hundreds of now. At the same time, with the development of science and technology, industrial IC Socket is also innovative, a variety of fast installation technology has been used in the IC Socket, making it more convenient.