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Layout Of The Indoor Power Supply Female IC Socket Requirements
Oct 19, 2017

Layout of the indoor power supply Female IC Socket requirements
Indoor in addition to lighting equipment, there are small-capacity power tools, household appliances, etc., because they are not fixed, it should be set to power Female IC Socket, the following Female IC Socket brand manufacturers will come to us about power supply Female IC Socket Of the layout requirements:
In dry places, should use the general type of Female IC Socket, when the need to plug with a protective line of electrical appliances, should be used with protective line contact Female IC Socket. For plug-in power when the risk of electric appliances, should be used to switch off the power of the Female IC Socket. For different voltage levels of Female IC Socket, should be used in line with the voltage level and different types of products to prevent the plug into the different voltage levels of Female IC Socket. Female IC Socket installation location and height of the Female IC Socket installation location, should be based on the layout of electrical equipment to determine, it is necessary to be safe and convenient.
In the residential Female IC Socket when the installation height of 1.80m and above, you can use the general type of Female IC Socket; such as the use of safety Female IC Socket and the distribution circuit with leakage current protection device, the installation height may not Restricted.
If the poor quality Female IC Socket, feel will be relatively soft, toughness is poor, the connection is not strong, the power cord within the copper core with poor quality, small cross-section, impurities, low melting point, it is prone to disconnection, and poor strength, toughness Low, slightly hard will break. But if it is high-quality Female IC Socket, its power cord feel soft and hard moderate, toughness, solid connection and reliable, and the use of double insulation wire, can effectively prevent leakage.
Like high-quality Female IC Socket power cord within the copper core, but also the selection of high-quality materials, heat a small, good electrical conductivity, thus ensuring the safety of electricity.
Decoration must remember to change the electricity, which is dealing with Female IC Socket location.
Female IC Socket location improperly handled, if in the bedroom, living room, may affect the furniture placed; if in the bathroom, the kitchen may have to plan the brick. Dead against the conclusion is - unless you calculate the exact location, otherwise, we remember that: let the Female IC Socket as far as possible to the edge of the general will not go wrong, but if you put the location of the Female IC Socket Improper improper, it is possible with the late furniture or electrical installation of the conflict.
 "With the switch Female IC Socket" location selection issues mainly consider two points: one is the home appliances "standby power consumption", the other is easy to use. Die against the home with five "with switch Female IC Socket", the location are: washing machine Female IC Socket, electric water heater Female IC Socket, study computer plug panel Female IC Socket, kitchen countertops two spare Female IC Socket The In the case of
1. Almost all household appliances have standby power consumption. So, in order to avoid frequent plug, similar to the washing machine Female IC Socket, electric water heater Female IC Socket such a relatively low frequency of electrical appliances can be considered with "switch with Female IC Socket."
2. If you think the rice cooker, electric kettle, this type of electrical equipment between the two tasks to pull out a lot of trouble, you can consider the kitchen counter in the standby Female IC Socket use "with switch Female IC Socket."
3. Study computer with a plug-in board can basically solve the computer that a large string of plug, in order to avoid every day stick to the bottom of the desk according to plug-in power supply, can be installed in the desk opposite a "switch with Female IC Socket."