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LED Lighting Industry In The Future Or There Are Three Trends
Dec 16, 2016

Trend: the battle of brand differentiation. Homogenization of low-tech products will always be "disastrous". As the LED value chain competitive upgrade, more and more LED manufacturers are aware of the importance of brand differentiation. In order to create a unique design, build their own exclusive advantage, injection molding of optical-grade silicone lens into a more and more manufacturer's line of sight.

Trend II: with the streamlined process creating excellent optical quality will become a reality for general lighting applications of LED equipment manufacturers now face a major challenge: how to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce production costs, while providing superior optical quality? with the progress of phosphor thin film technology, can achieve the three objectives of the new generation of LED chip scale package technology matures. Next, manufacturers can make bold innovations, with a revolutionary design and produced in break mode, manufacturers and users to create win-win between cost and quality.

Trend: LED in lighting efficiency and reliability for further application for high brightness LED, high power light emitting chip can significantly improve the lighting efficiency and stability of the product. But chip upgrades cost a lot of money, many manufacturers discouraged. High refractive index organic silicon resin packaging adhesive appears to improve the lighting efficiency and stability provides a simple alternative to more cost-competitive.