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Looking For Killer Apps
Dec 16, 2016

What matters is, killer application of USB 3.0 has not yet surfaced.

First perhaps ready for USB 3.0 solid state drive SSD, but the traditional storage devices such as hard drives and optical drives can quickly followed suit, it can greatly affect the backward compatible with the old USB interface USB 3.0 receives the progress of market.

Furthermore, backward compatible with itself makes USB 3.0 chip complexity of design, the host controller (host controller) must have more intelligent features, to effectively manage data routing (routing), and taking into account reduced logic gate and power and reduce Board area, so USB 3.0 integrated chip design, will undoubtedly be on the USB 3.0 in portable devices and mobile hard disk market impact.

In addition, starting from the transport perspective markets which are ideal for large video files, but still not enough, you must also make USB 3.0 shines in consumer electronics and other areas. For example, a manufacturer has thought of by not picking simulation but 100% resolution USB signal, combined with dynamic device corresponds to new technology combined with API interfaces, applications to switch to touch-screen computers KVM control device, effectively expanding the application range of USB 3.0 in the industrial automation, is a good idea.