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Male IC Socket And Connector Features
Jul 07, 2017

Male IC Socket and connector features

Male IC Socket and coupler are mainly divided into four categories: plug, socket, connector, and appliance input socket. It is generally referred to as the Male IC Socket.

Male IC Socket has the following characteristics:

1. Safe and reliable

(1) this type of product USES the color of the shell to indicate the rated voltage, such as the blue one for 220V and the red for 380V, which is easy to distinguish and can be easily distinguished.

(2) different sizes of products have different diameters, poles and ground contact positions. Only the same specification can be inserted to prevent errors.

(3) protection of electric shock protection. Plug in the socket grounding set longer than phase extremely, central plug set, this will ensure the plug plug in on phase before on earth, and finally, grounding as it is pulled out, use is very safe.

(4) high protection level. There are IP44 anti-splash type, IP67 anti-immersion type, etc. Not only can the body not touch the live parts, but also can be used in different environmental conditions to ensure safety.

(5) add an elastic band to the socket. Ensure the insertion of the bolt insert after close contact, good conduction and long service life.

(6) it has the maintenance device, so that the plug socket is plugged into each other to prevent falling off, and the reliability is greatly improved.

(7) have cable holding device which can clip the outer skin of the cable, make it fixed and not be pulled out, and use safety.

2. Durable

(1) good mechanical properties, high quality nylon for product shell, high strength, impact resistance, fear of falling or stampedes. All rubber and plastic are anti-aging, not only for use and indoors, but also for outdoor and durable.

(2) heat resistant and flammable. Shell and internal insulation parts with heat resistance, temperature can reach to 100 + 5 ℃, the important components tolerated (125 + / - 5 ℃; And it's flame-retardant.

(3) more resistant to insertion. If the rated current 16A product, the normal pulling operation cycle is more than 5000 times.

(4) the temperature rise test section of the conductive contact head (bolt and socket) is over 50K, which is suitable for long-term use.

3. Strong universality

The product adopts GB/T 11918-11919-2001 standard, which is equivalent to the IEC 60309-1/2 standard, fully integrated with the international standard. Therefore, such products are common both at home and abroad. At the same time, there are many kinds of specifications, which can satisfy various occasions and USES.

These characteristics of Male IC Socket make it high security and reliable and international universality. So also gradually be taken seriously in domestic, through more than ten years of application, Male IC Socket has entered all walks of life, such as electric power, construction, ports, large construction machinery industry and modern. Manufacturers have also grown from several of the first few to several hundred now. At the same time, with the development of technology and technology, the Male IC Socket is constantly innovating, and various quick installation techniques have been applied to the plug socket to make it more convenient.