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Male IC Socket Fouling Easy To Conductive Should Always Clean Up
Sep 11, 2017

Male IC Socket fouling easy to conductive should always clean up
  Many people are often separated by ten days and a half to think of cleaning up the Male IC Socket, this time it has been made "depressed". "Men's IC socket in the dust too much easy to cause poor contact, serious will also lead to local fever. Temperature rise to a certain extent, Male IC Socket will be deformed, a few will cause a short circuit, causing a fire." China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute Household electrical appliances quality supervision and inspection center of the comprehensive inspection department director Lu Jianguo reminded.
Power Male IC Socket should be cleaned every three or four days. Love clean people like to use wet cloth wiping Male IC Socket, Lu Jianguo stressed that this is taboo, because the rag on the water will make the jack becomes wet, wiped immediately after the power plug, easy to lead to short circuit. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the Male IC Socket dust, but also the Male IC Socket upside down, gently tapping the bottom, and then use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dust. "Must pat." Remake or simply put the Male IC Socket knock on the ground, will destroy the inside of the parts.
In fact, many Male IC Socket inside some dust control measures. Therefore, if in a dry, clean environment, Male IC Socket as long as the regular clean up on it. Bathroom with a waterproof cover with the best Male IC Socket, because the water vapor may make dust, hair and other conductors, the formation of power state, it was called "pollution conductivity." In addition, the long-term unplug the power plug should always be clean, otherwise it is also prone to "mass pollution."
 Male IC Socket look at the shell material. The main switch brand on the market generally use PC material, PC material, also known as bullet-proof plastic, impact resistance, high temperature, easy to change the characteristics of the control for the electrical switch is very important
Second look at the contact, that is, Male IC Socket process conductive parts of the contact point. Contact one depends on the size (the bigger the better), two depends on the material.
There are three main contacts, silver-nickel alloy, silver-cadmium alloy and sterling silver. Silver-nickel alloy is the ideal contact material, conductive properties, hardness is better, not easy to oxidation rust.
Silver cadmium alloy contacts are also better in other areas, but the cadmium is a heavy metal, on the one hand harmful to the human body, on the other hand and the integration of silver is not ideal, will form a small surface of cadmium metal particles, conductive May pull out the arc. Sterling silver contact is not appropriate, conductive performance is indeed good, but the texture is relatively soft silver, it is easy to oxidation (like silver jewelry for a long time will be black). Soft texture, the switch more contact on the deformation; oxidation rusty, then the conductive performance will be much worse, rust is also easy to heat, it is easy to put the contact burned.
The third look Male IC Socket structure. Now are mainly large panel, the appearance and feel better than the previous thumb-type. The biggest problem with the thumb is easy to stuck, because the torque is relatively short, the switch action range is relatively small, the spring is slightly soft or too little, may cause the switch stuck.
 For electronic components products in the market more and more people's attention, because both electronic products or household appliances are needed to help switch, and different types of switches naturally need us to choose the scope of specific applications, especially the supply Business in the market want to find the integrity of the manufacturers need is to understand the quality, Male IC Socket is mainly used in the field of electronic products, the use of the process is only need to pay attention to the intensity of electronic Walkman and car products are mostly used Kind of switch, but need to pay attention to is not as sensitive as the Male IC Socket, so in the purchase process need attention.
Now in the market many people buy electronic products is only pay attention to the brand, but in the brand behind the effect we often overlook the importance of the various components, so the first thing in the purchase process is to note that the use of the component switch is the type, As long as the product type will be able to clear their own in the course of the process should pay attention to what the problem, naturally able to adjust the use of electronic products, and Male IC Socket we need to pay attention to is the line of contact problems, because too much force will cause Line short circuit, which burned the entire electronic products, not the switch is not sensitive, especially inside the gasket once the quality problems, the entire product will be in a state of collapse.
In fact, both the field of home appliances or electronics industry for Male IC Socket has a high demand, while the reed and the four corners of the contact elements in the quality of the rigid requirements, so manufacturers in the process of dialogue with suppliers is not Blindly price negotiations also need to highlight their own product advantages.