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Male IC Socket Housing Material Characteristics
Jun 22, 2017

Male IC Socket housing material characteristics
Male IC Socket manufacturers wholesale to remind you in the choice of Male IC Socket is to look at the shell material. The main switch brand on the market generally use PC material, PC material, also known as bullet-proof plastic, impact resistance, high temperature, easy to change the characteristics of the control for the electrical switch is very important. Better switch front panel and the back of the base are used PC material, and the general switch will be in the base with black nylon material to replace PC material, so the cost can be reduced a lot.
The same PC material, a lot of switch manufacturers use the domestic production (even if the standard is the United States GE is actually what the domestic cooperative factory to do, but only sold by the GE), and the current domestic fact, no company has the ability to produce PC material, the so-called domestic production are generally re-processed with the back material, and thus relatively high impurities, will be very brittle, heat resistance is also significantly poor.
Poor switch to reduce costs The front panel may not be PC material, with a mixture or ABS replacement. These materials not only impact resistance, heat resistance is poor, but also easy to change color, the surface touched more very rough.
The center line is the line drawn from the neutral point of the generator or the power transformer. If it is not grounded it is called the center line, if it is well connected (the earth is zero potential), then the center line is also called the zero line. Today, Male IC Socket manufacturers wholesale with you to understand the Male IC Socket in the midline and zero line.
Civil power of the zero line and ground although the same point from the same, but their respective functions are separate, can not mix. Such as the zero line and the line of fire is the electricity circuit, they are insulated and the electrical enclosure, the flow of current is the same size, so the diameter is the same thickness. And the ground is connected with the electrical shell, when the electrical failure when there is current flow,
Generally no current, so the diameter to be much finer. Zero line and the line of fire is the electricity circuit, it must not be connected to the zero line on the shell, it will make people electric shock.
 Male IC Socket brand manufacturers to remind you to switch in the wiring must be allowed to operate the electrical, wiring process because of their own non-professional (thread, wiring, installation), is likely to give life after the foreshadowing of trouble.
    Switch does not repeat the switch, this will increase your power consumption, because the switch will be closed when the start a lot of starting current, in the case of unnecessary to allow you to increase the amount of electricity; will affect your switch life , In your many times during the switching process will cause you to wear the operating mechanism.
    Switch, Male IC Socket with alcohol to clean, switch, Male IC Socket appearance is very smooth appearance, do not use water to wipe that will leave traces, the same is not safe.