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Male IC Socket Is The Core Of The Information Industry
Jun 14, 2017

Male IC Socket is the core of the information industry

Male IC Socket is an important part of the core industry of the information industry, and plays an important role in the technological innovation and bigger and stronger of the information industry. China has formed the world's largest output, more complete categories, the basic improvement of the industrial chain Male IC Socket industrial system, Male IC Socket industry, the number of enterprises, the overall sales are ranked in the forefront of electronic information manufacturing for the national economy and national defense construction Made a great contribution.

 In the national industrial enterprises under the influence of energy-saving emission reduction, the vast majority of Male IC Socket key enterprises to vigorously promote cleaner production and emission reduction pollution, to achieve clean development. In 2011, Jia Kang Electronics was established as the general manager of the team leader, chief engineer for the deputy head of the cleaner production leading group, the establishment of cleaner production security system, a comprehensive clean production audit, to create clean production demonstration sites, so that clean production level A step. Kay in the electronic to take the air compressor frequency control, power distribution system energy-saving transformation, air compressor waste heat recovery, air conditioning system to improve energy saving, cleaning water online recycling, product improvement and other measures to increase energy-saving emission reduction work Strength. In 2011, the company saved a total of about 1.5 million kwh, saving electricity more than 100 million, total water saving more than 200,000 tons, down more than 20% in 2010, cost savings of more than 20 million.

Male IC Socket industry is the largest number of enterprises in the electronic information industry, the most practitioners of the industry. The healthy development of Male IC Socket industry is of great significance to increase employment, maintain social stability and increase fiscal revenue. And excellent Male IC Socket business in the bigger and stronger, but also through a variety of ways to return to society.

China's government is also vigorously promoting the development of the semiconductor packaging industry, and its priority, so the long power technology, Nantong Huada, Tianshui Huatian, China Resources AXA as a representative of a group of domestic packaging and testing enterprises in recent years Rise, Male IC Socket its packaging scale continues to expand and improve. Jiangsu Changtai Technology has established China's first 12-inch IC packaging production line and the first sip system-level integrated circuit packaging production line; Jiangsu long power acquisition of Singapore's R & D institutions, and $ 342 million revenue ranking jumped the world's first Eight, among the top ten in the world. Nantong Huada in overseas research and development centers. Tianshui Huatian acquisition of Kunshan West gold too microelectronics, to strengthen the development of new packaging technology, and further realize the industrialization of new packaging products. Qimonda Suzhou factory sold to the Chinese capital, renamed Zhirunda, focus on the standard dram packaging and testing business. Fenghua Transtech Services invested 128 million yuan acquisition of Guangdong crystal semiconductor, will enable the company's semiconductor packaging and testing business scale to 4.3 billion / year, China's semiconductor packaging and testing one of the important key enterprises.