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Male IC Socket Should Be Easy To Clean
Oct 11, 2017

Many people often separated by ten days and a half to think of cleaning up the male IC Socket, this time it has been made "gray". "Male IC Socket in the dust is too easy to cause poor contact, serious will lead to local fever. Temperature rise to a certain extent, Male IC Socket will be deformed, a few will cause a short circuit, causing a fire." China National Institute of Home Appliance Research Household electrical appliances quality supervision and inspection center of the comprehensive inspection department director Lu Jianguo reminded.
Power male IC Socket should be cleaned every three or four days. Love clean people like to use wet wipes rub male IC Socket, Lu Jianguo stressed that this is taboo, because the rag on the water will make the jack becomes wet, wiped immediately after the power plug, easy to lead to short circuit. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the male IC Socket in the dust, but also the male IC Socket upside down, gently tapping the bottom, and then use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dust. "Must be pat." Lu Jianguo said, remake or simply put the Male IC Socket knock on the ground, will destroy the inside of the parts.
In fact, many male IC Socket has a number of internal dust control measures. Therefore, if in a dry, clean environment, Male IC Socket as long as the regular clean up on it. Bathroom with a waterproof cover with the best male IC Socket, because the water vapor may make dust, hair and other conductors, the formation of power state, it was called "plastic pollution." In addition, the long-term unplug the power plug should always be clean, otherwise it is also prone to "mass pollution."
At present, the market switch Male IC Socket variety, good and bad, so that consumers buy nothing at all, and switch Male IC Socket is not only a home decoration function supplies, but also the main components of safe electricity, its product quality, performance Material for the prevention of fire, reduce losses have a crucial decisive role.
Good quality switches are made of high quality PC material, fire performance, moisture resistance, anti-impact performance are higher. Smooth surface, no burrs, no bubbles. Product appearance nice, and the room decoration style fit. High-quality electrical products is not only a safe electrical function supplies, it is a piece of refined, elegant, reflecting the elegant cultural taste of art.
Some brands under the shell of nylon and other materials, soft, not temperature SIMON product panel, the lower shell are used PC (bullet-proof plastic) material
Switch toggle feel light and not tight, spring soft and hard moderate, excellent flexibility, open and close the transition is more intensity. It is not easy to switch the button to stop in the middle of a situation and become a serious fire hazard. Male IC Socket jack to be equipped with a protective door, plug plug should be a certain degree of strength, too loose or too tight are not suitable.
Different use of the environment and use should pay attention to matching the different functions of the switch Male IC Socket:
1, in order to prevent arc burns, should be used with excellent resistance to current shock switch Male IC Socket.
2, in order to prevent children from electric shock, should be used with a protective door security Male IC Socket, to prevent unipolar insert.
3, a metal shell of household appliances, such as floor lamps, washing machines, etc. should be used with a protective grounding of the three pole Male IC Socket.
4, bathroom, balcony and other easy to touch the water position, should be used plus anti-splash mask Male IC Socket.
5, some of the lightning-sensitive equipment is best to use with surge protection male IC Socket.
6, in order to avoid wire breakdown, should be double hole plate connection male IC Socket.
7, the power male IC Socket rated current value should be greater than the load of the household load current value.
Product Identification
Pay attention to the switch, male IC Socket on the base of the logo: such as the national mandatory product certification CCC logo plus enterprise code, rated current and voltage values, product models and so on. Products to complete packaging, the above should have a clear address of the manufacturer's phone, with instructions and a certificate.