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Microsoft Watch
Dec 16, 2016

In terms of operating system, the first to stand up to support USB 3.0 is not Intel's old partner, Microsoft, but still survive in the cracks of Linux. A few days ago, one of Intel's open software technology center developers said in his blog, Linux will be the first official operating system that supports USB 3.0 standard vendor, this new ultra high-speed transmission standard will soon be integrated into the Linux system.

Clearly relative to the competitors, Microsoft's attitude towards the USB 3.0 is much more ambiguous. Last year end of, USB 3.0 Fu a released, Microsoft aspects will said new of Windows 7 operating system not support new of USB standard, although Windows 7 market yihou, Microsoft and changed claimed, will provides USB 3.0 of patch download, but its wait-and-see means obviously, on as Microsoft of one spokesman pointed out that of as, Microsoft currently is assessment what which version of operating system more for used USB 3.0 standard, this will is a is hard of decided and select.