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Plug Male IC Socket Product Quality National Supervision And Spot Checks Results
Nov 02, 2017

Plug Male IC Socket product quality national supervision and spot checks results
In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to promote the plug male male socket industry, the healthy development of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the plug male Male IC Socket product quality of the national supervision and spot checks. A total of 46 products manufactured in 46 provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Fujian and Shanghai were sampled, and the sampling rate was 80.4%.
The results show that the product quality of the large enterprises is better, the sampling rate of the products is 100%; the sampling rate of small enterprises is 68.4%, and the quality of the products is more problematic.
The main quality problems found in the spot checks:
1, mechanical strength unqualified. The standard requires that the plug can still be inserted into the Male IC Socket without any risk of personal safety after a 1000 drop test. Check the individual mechanical strength of the plug is not qualified, mainly when the plug is dropped, the plug plug is seriously deformed or the plug shell is broken and can not be used.
2, heat resistance failure. Male IC Socket insulation materials in the heat resistance is an important safety performance indicators, the national standard, the product of plastic parts to have a certain heat resistance deformation, in a certain temperature range should not be softened. Spot a number of fixed Male IC Socket heat resistance failed, one of the products in the 100 ℃ heat test, the Male IC Socket serious deformation can not be used normally.
3, plug Male IC Socket size unqualified. Size check is mainly the size of the plug male Male IC Socket size is in accordance with China's flat plug Male IC Socket system design and production, is related to the same type of plug Male IC Socket can be interlocked and different types of plug Male IC Socket can not be inserted The problem is related to the plug Male IC Socket is able to use and safe use of the problem. Check the individual product plug Male IC Socket size unqualified, some of which plug the plug from the plug edge of the distance is insufficient, easily lead to normal use of the hand touch to the live latch, resulting in the occurrence of security incidents; some Male IC Socket plug The length of the hole is smaller than the standard lower limit, and the plug may not be able to properly insert the Male IC Socket.
In view of the main quality problems found in the spot checks, the AQSIQ has instructed the quality and technology supervision departments in strict accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations such as product quality law, the state supervision and inspection of substandard products in accordance with the law to deal with the deadline for rectification. At the same time, announced the quality of checks in the better products and production enterprises, and guide consumers to buy the right. AQSIQ will continue to track the quality of such products, to promote the plug Male IC Socket industry to improve the overall quality level for consumers to create a satisfactory consumer environment.
1, as far as possible to the regular store to buy a CCC certification mark the brand name products.
2, observe the appearance of the product structure, mainly positive, negative, the general situation, good quality male Male IC Socket, the appearance of color uniform light, no thorns, plug and jack size symmetrical uniform, clear signs of rubbing.
3, pay attention to plug the Male IC Socket socket, plug and terminal material and surface conditions, because the latch, insert sets and terminals directly determine the plug Male IC Socket product safety performance and the length of life, plug Male IC Socket Products are usually used brass nickel-plated manufacturing latches, the use of phosphor bronze manufacturing sets and the use of brass manufacturing terminals.
4, pay attention to plug Male IC Socket current capacity to meet the requirements, at present, China's current standard single-phase plug current rating of 6A, 10A, 16A; single-phase Male IC Socket current rating of 10A, 16A.