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Plug The Female IC Socket May Wish To Implement A Unified Standardized Production
Oct 11, 2017

Plug Female IC Socket switch is a wide range of power supply device, but also every family must have a small electrical appliances. Plug Female IC Socket switch is small, but directly related to the safety of electricity, related to people's lives and property safety. However, according to industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments on the market plug Female IC Socket, lighting switch products for quality sampling, special quality supervision and inspection of the situation, the current in China's household appliances and Wujinjiaodian market, unqualified Plug Female IC Socket switch, abound, the situation is not optimistic. According to the "China Fire Yearbook" and other relevant information, China's annual electrical fires accounted for more than 30% of the total number of fire, which due to poor quality switch, Female IC Socket, plug caused a considerable proportion.
All along, it is generally believed that the switch can open and close, Female IC Socket can be used to power, do not have to spend more "wrong" money. For example, a high-power air-conditioning or electric heater, the current has more than a dozen amps, but casually buy a 3-5 amp Female IC Socket, this operation, plug the Female IC Socket fever flashover is inevitable, the probability of fire Suddenly increased significantly. There are some families like to use universal Female IC Socket, no matter what the electrical plug are plugged in. To know, universal Female IC Socket to use although convenient, but because the Female IC Socket electrical clearance is very small, after a number of plug plug, the electrical circuit is easy due to short circuit and burned, and then lead to fire.
Visible, switch Female IC Socket is a small electrical appliances, but also endanger people's lives and property safety factors. Therefore, I suggest that the plug of Female IC Socket switch implementation of the national unified standardized production. First, with reference to the international practice, the plug Female IC Socket switch production legislation, the development of a unified national specifications and strict standards. In the standard to determine, as far as possible with international standards, to meet international standards, which is an important part of the electrical fire and the key. Second, the manufacturer should be strictly in accordance with national standards for the production of various plugs Female IC Sockets and switches, establish and improve the product inspection system, increase investment, add the necessary testing facilities, strict checks, from raw materials to finished the whole process of quality supervision and inspection, To ensure that the factory products safe and reliable. Third, the public from the past occurred in the electrical fire in the lessons learned to improve the fire awareness, consciously resist the inferior products to make it out of the market and develop good habits to protect the safety of electricity for their own lives and family property safety More on insurance.
In this regard, to remind the vast number of consumers in the purchase of plug Female IC Socket, it should be noted:
1, to the large shopping malls, supermarkets to buy well - known brands;
2, should see the plug on the Female IC Socket on the logo is complete, whether the enterprise name, specification model, rated current value, the nature of the power symbols and related warning signs;
3, the power should be based on electrical power to select the corresponding plug Female IC Socket. In addition, the power of the two kinds of household appliances do not plug in the same Female IC Socket;
4, plug into the Female IC Socket should be in good contact, no loose feeling, and not too hard to pull out.
When using the plug Female IC Socket, do not put the power of the larger household appliances inserted in the rated current value of the small Female IC Socket; when the plug with the wall Female IC Socket size, size does not correspond, do not artificially change the plug size or shape ; Power cord or plug damage to be replaced, the professional staff should be replaced; found that the Female IC Socket temperature or excessive pull arc, ignition, plug and Female IC Socket bad contact, plug inserted too loose or too tight, it should be timely Stop using and replace.