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Several Characteristics Of High - Quality Male IC Socket
Aug 30, 2017

Several characteristics of high - quality Male IC Socket
    For Male IC Socket manufacturers wholesale products, we certainly want to pick the best quality, so we can first look at the quality of Male IC Socket are some characteristics:
    High quality Male IC Socket should be beautiful appearance, smooth and smooth, no burr. And feel better, switch toggle light is not tight, spring hard, the switch has the intensity. And then it is a good board, to use a special tool to remove the panel difference. Fourth, the button sound light, feel smooth, rhythm sense of strength; and the weight of qualified, with copper, the thicker the more the better. Only the selection of good quality Male IC Socket, we will be used when the more secure.
    At the same time we buy Male IC Socket, but also with the overall decoration style, in addition to choose the style, the quality of life is more important.
 Because each part of the electricity consumption is different, so the choice of Male IC Socket and switch specifications and power, it should be more attention, this is the Male IC Socket brand manufacturers for our focus.
    In the purchase of switches and Male IC Socket, if it is branded products, you should ask the seller to provide agents or direct sales of the relevant documents. And because the switch, Male IC Socket and other products of the unique, so at the time of purchase, be sure to ask the vendor to provide proof of its product testing. It should also observe whether the board is smooth, whether there is pitting, scratches, board structure is complete, is strong. And then with a screwdriver and the board will open to observe whether the inside of the component is strong enough, the texture is fine.
    In the choice of Male IC Socket, will choose as 16A and other bearing voltage is relatively large, such a Male IC Socket in use, the power is relatively stable, not because of excessive electricity consumption and the phenomenon of fire wounding.
  Male IC Socket manufacturers wholesale with Male IC Socket, the installation of the location of the choice should be considered two points, one is the standby power consumption of household appliances, the other is easy to use.
    Recommended home with five Male IC Socket, including the washing machine Male IC Socket, electric water heater Male IC Socket, the study of computer plug plug Male IC Socket, kitchen countertops two alternate Male IC Socket. Almost all of the household appliances are standby power consumption, so in order to avoid frequent plug, similar to the washing machine Male IC Socket, electric water heater Male IC Socket such a relatively low frequency of electrical appliances can be considered with Male IC Socket. If you think the rice cooker, electric kettle, this type of electrical equipment between the two tasks to pull out a lot of trouble, you can consider the kitchen counter in the spare Male IC Socket with Male IC Socket.
    In the study computer with a plug-in board can basically solve the computer that a large string of plug, and in order to avoid every day stick to the bottom of the desk according to plug-in power supply, you can install a Male IC Socket opposite the desk.
Male IC Socket brand manufacturers told us that in the Male IC Socket wiring, the test pen can be used to find the line of fire, clear line and the line of fire and zero line before they can turn off the Male IC Socket power supply.
    And then the fire line connected to one of the two holes in the switch, and then from the other hole in a 2.5MM2 insulated wire, directly to the 2.5MM2 insulated wire access male male socket under the three jacks in the L hole , Need to be connected when the wiring. And then followed by the zero line directly connected to the Male IC Socket 3 holes in the N hole, wiring to be connected. Finally, the ground directly connected to the Male IC Socket 3 holes in the E hole, the wiring required to be fastened. In the zero, ground wiring, can not be wrong wiring, if the Male IC Socket left and right on the ground of the ground connection problems, plug in the electrical equipment when there will be tripping phenomenon.
    In the case of Male IC Socket wiring, there is often the possibility of error, in addition to the implementation of strict color distinction between the provisions of the focus to use the Male IC Socket tester for full inspection, and also need to open the Male IC Socket for wire connection quality inspection The