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SMT Type Female Head Type Recognition
May 26, 2017

SMT Type Female Header SMT type female type recognition 51MT chip components package type identification; package type is the appearance of the component size and shape of the collection, it is the component; due to the ever-changing packaging technology and packaging code no only standard, the means; common SMT Packaging; to the company's internal products used as an example, as follows:; usually packaging materials for plastic, ceramics; 2,; SMT package icon; to internal products used components, as shown below: 3 ,; common The meaning of the package; 1, BGA (ballgridarray): spherical touch; surface mount type

Identification of Encapsulation Type of SMT Chip Components

SMT Type Female Header The encapsulation type is a collection of the appearance and shape of the component, which is one of the important properties of the component. Components of the same electronic parameters may have different package types. Manufacturers in accordance with the corresponding packaging standards to produce components to ensure the use of components and special use.

Due to the ever-changing packaging technology and the lack of unique packaging code, this guide only gives a general type of electronic components and illustrations, packaging and packaging processes are not involved. 1,

Common SMT package

Take the components used in the company's internal products as an example, as follows:

Usually the packaging material is plastic, ceramic. The heat dissipation part of the component may consist of metal. The components of the lead are divided into lead and lead-free