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Standard Of Female IC Socket
Jul 07, 2017

Standard of Female IC Socket

I. international standards

European and American industrial developed countries earlier carried out the research, development and production of Female IC Socket. Since the 1970s, Europe has implemented the safety certification of electrical products, and developed a set of safety standards for Female IC Socket. 1979 years later, the international electrotechnical commission IEC officially released the IEC 309 - and 79 (Female IC Socket and coupler Part 1: general requirements) and IEC 309-81: in the (women IC socket and coupler The second part: take bolt and sets of electrical accessories size interchangeability requirements), become the first female international standard of IC packages.

Secondly, the IEC309 standard has been revised three times. In February 1999, IEC, the international electrotechnical commission, released its fourth edition, IEC 60309-1/2. The standard number uniform is increased by "60", from three to five, which combines the content of IEC 309-1 and technical changes of version 3 to become the latest version of the standard.

Ii. National standards

At the beginning of the reform and opening-up in the 1980s, the imported equipment was the Female IC Socket with IEC 309-1 and 2 international standard. At that time, China did not meet the national standards of the international standard, such products were not produced in China, and the market was very short. This affects not only the use of imported equipment, but also the design, manufacture and export of our equipment. Therefore, Female IC Socket it is imperative to set national standards according to IEC international standard. On 21 December 1989, the national bureau of technical supervision issued the national standard of GB/T 11918-11919-1989 (Female IC Socket and coupler) and implemented it from 1 July 1990. The standard is equivalent to IEC 309-1 and 2.

In order to adapt to the needs of economic and technological development, with the international standard IEC 60309-1, 2, and the 1989 version of the standard was revised in China, and on November 2, 2001, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued the new national standard GB/T 11918-11919-11918 IC socket and coupler (women), and implemented in June 1, 2002. It is the same as IEC 60309-1, 2, Female IC Socket which is widely used and refined, further improving the safety and quality of the products, and the international common, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign countries.

The general requirements of Female IC Socket structure are:

(1) Female IC Socket the device is easy to be connected and the surface should be free of burr, flying edge and similar sharp edge, guaranteeing the operation of safety by hand.

(2) screws or other parts used in fixed parts shall be easy to see and easy to assemble and secure.

(3) the user cannot change the location of the ground level or the middle line to ensure that the installation is correct.

(4) set the positioning key to ensure the precision of the insertion location.

(5) set the retaining device to prevent it from being out after insertion.

(6) Female IC Socket the structure shall meet the required protection level:

1) rated current 16, 32, 63A electrical accessories with anti-splash (IP44) and anti-immersion (IP67) structure.

2) the electrical accessories of 125A shall be the anti-immersion (IP67) structure.

3) when the 125A socket is installed on the shell or is integrated with the shell, the whole unit can be anti-immersion (IP44) structure.

(7) Female IC Socket the inverter should have the locking mechanism to keep its position, no accidental action, and its action will not damage the cable and wiring.