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The Correct Installation Method For Male IC Socket
Jul 28, 2017

The correct installation method for Male IC Socket
   Male IC Socket manufacturers wholesale product specifications model, we not only to the right choice, but also in the installation, we must also comply with the relevant provisions, pay attention to safety issues.
    In the installation of three-hole Male IC Socket, the exact wiring method is based on the hole and the tap water pipe or wall to link together, or with steel pipe, angle iron cut into the appropriate length, into the ground as an auxiliary grounding The Before using the electrical equipment, to pre-use the pen to detect the power line, remember the length and brightness of the pen. And then connected to the electrical appliances, metal products to detect the shell. If the latter light short and dark, indicating that the shell is charged with the normal leakage of induction electricity, is not to the title; but if the light long and bright, then the Male IC Socket installation or electrical product quality is absolutely a problem, To repair or renew.
    Also need to Male IC Socket on the number of amps to check, and some Male IC Socket products are porous type, can also plug in a number of relatively large power consumption of electrical products, in fact, this is extremely unsafe.
 Male IC Socket brand manufacturers suggest that we install the Male IC Socket, you should check the switch, Male IC Socket installation location is correct, the installation requirements of a smooth and stable.
    In the acceptance, the first need to watch the Male IC Socket product surface is still intact, if the renovation of the mistakes can seek compensation. And then check the switch, Male IC Socket installation location is correct, the installation requirements of a smooth and stable; see Male IC Socket cover is close to the wall. Check the switch can be opened and closed by the switch to see whether the corresponding electrical work is normal to determine whether the power of the conclusion; and check the Male IC Socket you need to use the electroscope, you can make a special or mobile phone charger, the electroscope inserted Male IC Socket mouth, check the Male IC Socket power situation. If the indicator light is all black, then this Male IC Socket power problems, the need for repair.
    Male IC Socket line relative to the switch to be a little more, in the acceptance time, need to check the Male IC Socket wiring is correct.
 We need to buy a Male IC Socket, you need a simple way to check the quality of Male IC Socket, Male IC Socket brand manufacturers today to show you how to determine the quality of Male IC Socket.
    The first can weigh the weight, in line with national standards Male IC Socket copper wire used inside, thick copper, plastic shell tight, so heavy weight, and unqualified Male IC Socket cut corners obviously feel a lot lighter. Then, you can repeatedly try Male IC Socket switch, qualified Male IC Socket opening and closing and sound crisp; unqualified Male IC Socket is feel stiff, easy to stuck. But also can try to pull pull force, qualified Male IC Socket not only the hole of each hole is easy to feel comfortable, and the plug of the plug feel the same; unqualified Male IC Socket plug strength is too loose or too tight, flexible Poor and easy to loose, each hole can also feel different feel different.
    In the pull power cord, the qualified Male IC Socket power cord feel soft and hard moderate, and Male IC Socket connected solid and reliable; and unqualified Male IC Socket power cord feel soft, and Male IC Socket connection is not strong, easy to pull Off.
 The kitchen should be set according to the layout of the building, in different locations, the height of the multi-power Male IC Socket to meet the needs of a variety of electric cooker equipment such as range hoods, disinfecting cabinets, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric water heaters, refrigerators and so on. And the kitchen Male IC Socket should be anti-splash Male IC Socket, plus the kitchen to use more electrical appliances, microwave ovens, refrigerators, range hoods, etc., so the kitchen Male IC Socket should be composed of a separate circuit, can not be mixed with other Male IC Socket even. In the case of what kind of air conditioning in the case of air conditioning Male IC Socket, according to the following location: no special requirements of the Male IC Socket, generally from the ground 0.3m, split air conditioning Male IC Socket should be based on the outlet tube hole 1.8m.
    If the window air conditioning, should be set in the window away from the 1.4m, such as cabinet air conditioning should be set in the corresponding location 0.3m away, or by air conditioning to consider the provisions of air conditioning Male IC Socket.