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The Overview And Composition Of The Junction Box.
May 26, 2017

Terminal Block The junction box is one of the electrical accessories, because the decoration of the wire is through the wire tube, and in the wire joint parts (such as the line is longer, or wire to the corner) On the use of junction box as a transition, the wire and the junction box connected to the wire inside the wire in the junction box together, play a protective wire and the role of connecting the wire, this is the junction box

  General domestic wiring box is 86 type, the so-called 86-type box, refers to the switch socket panel diameter of 86x86mm, box box for the 86x86mm box, the cartridge is 75x75mm, with the wiring box cover (or directly with switch and socket panel ), Generally PVC and tin material


  Terminal Block General junction box by the lid, box, terminal blocks, diodes, cables, connectors, composed of several major parts.

  Shell to have a strong anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability; meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environmental conditions;

  Self-locking function makes the connection more convenient and firm;

  Must be waterproof seal design, scientific anti-shock insulation protection, with better safety performance;

  The terminals are to be installed firmly and have good weldability with the bus.

  The main function of the diode is a one-way conduction function.

  Connector, cable: with good insulation performance, male and female plug with self-locking function is the solar panel and electrical connection more convenient and reliable

  Solar junction box

  Solar cell module junction box

  The solar cell module junction box is composed of a solar cell module

  Explosion-proof junction box

  Terminal Block The connector between the solar cell array and the solar charging control device is a comprehensive design of a cross-field combination of electrical design, mechanical design and material science. Solar cell components The junction box is very important in the composition of solar modules, the main role is to generate solar power and external lines connected. The junction box is glued to the backplane of the component by means of silica gel, and the lead wires in the assembly are connected together by internal lines in the junction box. The internal wiring is connected to the external cable to turn the module into the external cable. There are diodes in the junction box to ensure that the components are working properly when they are blocked.

  The main features of the solar cell module junction box:

  1. Shell imported high-grade raw materials production, with a high anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability;

  2. Suitable for outdoor use in harsh environmental conditions, the use of aging for more than 30 years;

  3. Any 2 to 6 terminals can be built as needed.

  4. All connections are connected by quick-connect plug-in.