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USB 3.0 Universal Hard Fast
Dec 16, 2016

USB 3.0 provides many advantages, according to market research firm in-stat noted that its speed does not quickly, especially during the current global economic downturn conditions.

In-Stat predicted that waiting until 2013, USB3.0 can only occupy the whole market of USB 25%. In other words, four years after the three-fourths of the device remain in USB2.0/1.1 specifications. In-Stat analyst Brian that, most of all the PC and PC peripherals from FullSpeed (USB 1.1) transferred to HighSpeed (USB 2.0), and the majority of these devices are toward SuperSpeed. PC peripheral devices, the most crucial question is when will USB 3.0 integrated into ASIC and MCU.

In addition, in-Stat also predicted, built-in USB interface for consumer electronics devices in the 2008-2013-year compound annual growth rates will be 6.6% and mini-USB not on the phone to be too successful, but micro-USB is expected to be in 2013 become the unified standard for cell phone interface transmission specifications.

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