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What Are The Conditions For The Quality Switch Male IC Socket?
Jul 18, 2017

What are the conditions for the quality switch Male IC Socket?

Male IC Socket is much concern about the quality of the main points, as the saying goes, adept guard the entrance, dilettante watch the scene of bustle, understand person is a look at will know that good quality products, don't know to follow a lot of people buy is probably wrong.

Here are the conditions for the quality switch:

1. High-quality materials

The material used in the panel of the men's IC socket is excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, and the material stability is strong and it is not easy to change color.

2. Stylish and sophisticated

The surface of the switch Male IC Socket is smooth and smooth, the color is uniform and the texture is smooth, the brand logo on the panel should be clear and full, the surface should not have burrs, the information parameter is clear and clear.

3. Internal structure

Good switch used silver alloy contact, made from pure copper material conductive bridge, can prevent the oxidation caused by electric arc when switch opening and closing, prolong service life, plug bush is made of phosphor bronze after nickel plating processing, the surface is bright and clean, golden to eliminate the rust phenomenon.

4. Safety certification

IC socket products qualified men must have access to the national certification and comply with the provisions of the international industry standard, domestic products through 3 c certification, ISO9000 series certification, these will be by identifying mark on the product itself, packaging or instruction.

5. Comfortable feel

Try switch, good switch spring soft hard moderate, elasticity is wonderful, and off the turn of the more powerful, not happen men IC socket button to stop somewhere in the middle of the conditions and become a serious fire hazard set of moderate intensity, or feel is smooth, a higher comfort level.

The wall switch Male IC Socket refers to the electrical switch that is installed on the wall, which is used to connect and disconnect the circuit and control the light switch of the lamp. Then sometimes the wall switch Male IC Socket will also be unable to have normal power.

Wall switch Male IC Socket

Here are the reasons for the inability of the Male IC Socket to be powered by the wall switch:

1. Check the short circuit of the zero connector. First, open the Male IC Socket panel to see if there is a problem. You can draw a zero line from the male IC outlet of the normal work to the Male IC Socket.

2. When the electric pencil is tested, the light will indicate that the fire line is energized and that it is proved that the zero line is disconnected, which will cause the male IC outlet to be without power.

3. Check the elasticity of the positive negative electrode and plug in the Male IC Socket with the plug.

4. There is electricity in the fire line, which means that it can't power well. It is also necessary to check that the zero line is broken.

The engineering wall switch Male IC Socket is a temporary wall switch, and the engineering wall switch Male IC Socket should be turned off before disassembling, ensuring the safety of personnel during the demolition.

Engineering wall switch Male IC Socket

The Male IC Socket on the wall there are two kinds of structure: one is direct Male IC Socket panel with screw tightening on embedded Male IC Socket box, with two plastic cap plug screw holes, only need to pry out the plastic cap, can remove panels and attached to the Male IC Socket, pull out again with screwdriver unscrewed the screw connection, open wires, Male IC Socket is removed.

There are panel fastening on Male IC Socket, don't see the screw holes on the surface, this time is can see side panel is a small gap, use a screwdriver in small gaps will pry one side of the panel, panel can split out, tighten with a screwdriver to unscrew the Male IC Socket screw, so that you can put the Male IC Socket pull out.