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What Is An IC Socket
May 26, 2017

IC Socket What is the IC socket Multi-pin integrated circuit is called IC, IC can be inserted into the foot socket is integrated circuit socket, also known as IC socket, there are 8,16,18,20,,,, foot various specifications, maintenance Circuit boards can often be seen, some integrated circuit directly welded to the circuit board, and some integrated circuit is inserted in the circuit board on the plug in the single-chip test, it is also essential, as well as easy loading and unloading Of the IC lock seat.

  ICs generally refer to integrated block circuits. Four feet - dozens of feet have. Equipped with a corresponding multi-foot base, welded on the circuit board, easy to plug, experiment, and the replacement is more convenient

  IC Socket Easy to remove the role of the chip, with the IC socket, the chip can be directly inserted and removed without the need for soldering iron soldering, easy to replace the socket structure with a reed socket and circular socket points. The main socket reed material is made of phosphor bronze (phosphor bronze) sheet, and the surface is divided into two categories: cymbals tin and gold-plated (thickness 0.3μm). The base of the socket is made of nylon or polyester filled with flame-retardant glass fiber Material molding, the current domestic sales of reed socket IC base for the general plastic base, and the brass tinplate for the reed material, so the price is very cheap, but the quality of the poor. The metal socket of the socket of the circular socket is made of two parts of the internal reed hole and the cylindrical pin, which are molded by special machine tool and assembled into one. The inner hole material is beryllium copper alloy (beryllium bronze) after processing nickel plating and then tin, or nickel plating after gold plating (coating thickness 0.3μm), the outer pin for the brass after tin plating (see Figure 2). The base is molded into a glass fiber filled polyester material. This IC block operating temperature range -55 ~ +125 ℃, the initial contact resistance is less than 10mΩ, the expected number of insertions 1000 times. This type of imported tin 8 feet IC block each tube 50, priced at 112.20 yuan, 10 tubes above each tube 88.50 yuan; 14 feet IC block each tube 28, price 109.60 yuan, 10 tubes above each tube 86.40 yuan.