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What Is The Functional Characteristics Of The Fire-resistant Female IC Socket?
Aug 09, 2017

What is the functional characteristics of the fire-resistant Female IC Socket?
    Female IC Socket manufacturers have a variety of functions in the Female IC Socket, fire Female IC Socket is when the current exceeds the load limit range, the overload protection device will be intelligent identification and start the power program, decisive cut off the power to achieve the purpose of fire, to avoid Electrical fire.
    Fire Female IC Socket features on the performance, when the load exceeds the operating current, automatically cut off the circuit; automatically cut off the circuit, the panel indicator light, easy to determine the fault location. After troubleshooting, press the red button below the panel to resume normal power supply. For other reasons the shell temperature reaches 90 ℃ ± 10 ℃, automatically cut off the power, to prevent the burning of electrical appliances or cause a fire. When the load does not exceed the operating current, can maintain a long time power supply; Dimensions, installation and general switch / Female IC Socket the same. And in the incomplete troubleshooting and forced reset power supply, automatic repeat power, alarm; faulty circuit cut off, does not affect the work of other circuits.
    The fire Female IC Socket is composed of Female IC Socket panel, mounting plate, Female IC Socket rear shell, terminal block, plug chuck, current overload protection device, power reset device, power alarm device and so on.
 Female IC Socket brand manufacturers tell us that the process of switching parts in the conductive parts of the contact point, in terms of quality is to see the size, the second is to look at the material.
    First of all, there are three main types of contacts, namely, silver-nickel alloy, silver-cadmium alloy and sterling silver. Among them, the Female IC Socket brand manufacturers use silver-nickel alloy, then the ideal contact material, conductive properties, hardness is better, not easy to oxidation rust; other aspects of silver cadmium alloy contacts are also better, but it is Cadmium elements are heavy metals, on the one hand harmful to the human body, on the other hand and the integration of silver is not ideal, will form a small surface of cadmium metal particles, conductive may pull out the arc; Inappropriate, conductive performance is indeed good, but the silver texture is relatively soft, it is easy to oxidation.
    And the texture of the soft silver, the switch more contact on the deformation; oxidation rust, then the conductive performance will be much worse, rust is also easy to heat, it is easy to put the contact burned.
For women IC socket manufacturers wholesale products, we should first pay attention to the selection of reliable products, after the market test, more trustworthy, then we buy Female IC Socket power cord should pay attention to what?
    If the poor quality Female IC Socket, feel will be relatively soft, toughness is poor, the connection is not strong, the power cord within the copper core with poor quality, small cross-section, impurities, low melting point, it is prone to disconnection, and poor strength, toughness Low, slightly hard will break. But if it is high quality Female IC Socket, its power cord feel soft and hard moderate, toughness, solid connection and reliable, and the use of double insulation wire, which can effectively prevent leakage.
    Such as high-quality Female IC Socket power cord within the copper core, but also the selection of high-quality materials, small heat, good electrical conductivity, thus ensuring the safety of electricity.
  Female IC Socket brand manufacturers told us that the residential ordinary Female IC Socket, air conditioning Female IC Socket, kitchen Female IC Socket and bathroom Female IC Socket, should be separated from the use of different circuit power supply.
    Female IC Socket circuit should be used to disconnect the phase line and the neutral line of the protection of electrical appliances, should not use fuse protection components, and in order to reduce the fault when the power range, the Female IC Socket circuit should be set by sub- Device, and should try to use electromagnetic type. Each air conditioner Female IC Socket circuit in the number of Female IC Socket should not exceed 2, cabinet air conditioning should be a separate dedicated circuit power supply. Another point is that Female IC Sockets should not share a power supply circuit with lighting fixtures.
    If it is from the distribution box leads to the Female IC Socket circuit cross-section, should be based on the actual load situation selection 2.5mm2 or 4mm2 copper core plastic wire, a very special special circuit can use 6mm2 copper core plastic wire.