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Why Do IC Socket Use The Wiring Receptacle?
Jul 28, 2017

Why do IC Socket use the wiring receptacle?
In the construction or all kinds of decoration construction, the wiring box is a must for electrical auxiliary tools, IC Socket brand manufacturers suggest that we should pay attention to the wiring box and the junction box have some differences.
    In order to keep the building surface clean and beautiful, wiring box generally need to be embedded installation, it can also play a connection wire, a variety of electrical lines of the transition to protect the role of line security. Different materials of the wiring box should not be mixed use, such as metal material of the box its grounding type, fire energy, hardness and other better; and PVC and other materials, its insulation performance better. In use, as far as possible not to damage the structure of the cartridge, the structure of the damage will easily lead to embedded box deformation, the installation of the panel adversely affected.
    At the same time through the pipe, threading construction, but also need to pay attention to is to avoid the reserved hole of the cartridge on the wire and other damage.
Modern home appliances more and more styles, the use of new IC Socket kit can save a lot of cable IC Socket, so that the room more clean, so we in the IC Socket manufacturers wholesale, but also pay attention to the selection of these kits.
    The entire equipment is divided into two parts of the IC Socket and slot, where the slot can be set along the wall, in the need for IC Socket where the general IC Socket into the slot, so that the nearest power supply. Should pay attention to the switch contacts, because the contact directly determine the safety of the switch product performance, as well as the length of life, in the better quality of the switch products, the commonly used contact materials are silver cadmium oxide, silver oxidation Zinc and other silver alloy. High-quality switch panel with a high-level plastic products, looks uniform material, the surface texture. And pay attention to the current capacity of the switch, the nominal switching current should not be less than the electrical load of the operating current.
    But also carefully check the product packaging on whether there is a detailed manufacturer or supplier address, telephone, as far as possible to the regular purchase channels of regular stores to buy brand products.
  IC Socket brand manufacturers for wall switch IC Socket, is the use of integrated fluid design, and all the conductive part of the insulation block set, reliable performance, durable.
    Humanized insertion and tear force design, dedicated plug into the 2/3 of the time easy and easy, into the last 1/3 when the slight force, feel compact. Silver alloy contacts in the possession of a good silver conductive properties of the case, with high temperature, easy to wear, the advantages of anti-oxidation. But also to effectively reduce the arc, arc is electrical appliances, IC Socket of the taboo, with its unique design, technology, materials, dedicated to effectively eliminate the arc, to provide you with a more secure life, the use of non-sliding rocker structure. In short, its design concept is very user-friendly, while its safety performance is also high.
    The installation of the wall switch IC Socket is also very convenient, the line of fire through the internal guide to connect, just install once, different from the other switch line need to repeat the wiring, to reduce the exposed parts, convenience, security is higher.
 The switch IC Sockets are caused by flammable dust, or are installed in flammable and explosive atmospheres, inserted or require spark plugs, leading to explosions and fires. Some of the bedside switches are put in place after use, damaging the insulation of the bed frame or wall switch, most likely to cause a short circuit. There may also be household appliances working voltage and current power supply IC Socket is not used, long term overload, the temperature is too high will lead to a fire once. Or the installation switch is not correct, especially the switch placed in the combustible object, once the lead from the sheath of the wear, so that the core or through the naked heating water, causing a short circuit, or switch off the arc generated by the fire.